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Nuisance Animal Removal & Control for Akron, OH

Squirrels, bats, raccoons, groundhogs, skunks and more…sure, Akron has them all.

For a city of 200,000 people with a lot of commerce, most people probably don’t realize the amount of wildlife in the venerable Rubber City.  Believe us, there are substantial populations of many types of nuisance animals.

Frontline Animal Removal would like to be your service provider for nuisance animal removal in Akron.  We have helped clients in

  • Highland Square
  • Firestone Park
  • Goodyear Heights
  • Ellet
  • North Hill
  • West Akron
  • University Park
  • Fairlawn Heights
  • Kenmore
  • And all parts in between

City of Akron Provides Limited Animal Removal Service

The City of Akron does provide a service to its residents when it comes to nuisance animal removal.

We encourage you to check out the City of Akron’s Nuisance Compliance Division’s post “Policy on Wildlife Calls on Private Property”, but here is a summary.

  • First, they want you to know they are not responsible for wild animal calls
  • However, they will provide some limited trapping service for a fee
  • If you call, they’ll provide a trap so you can trap your own nuisance animal.  There is a $25 refundable for this trap.
  • If you successfully catch something, there is a $30 charge for each adult animal picked up (or litter)
  • The species they will remove include, “raccoons, opossums, groundhogs (woodchucks), muskrats, foxes, bats, weasels, mink, and rabbits”
  • They will not take skunks or squirrels and suggest you do not use the city’s trap to try to trap them.  The policy states, “For skunks and squirrels, consult a nuisance trapper.”
  • They also ask that all nuisance animal problems INSIDE be referred to a nuisance trapper.

Again, check out the policy for yourself.

We, Frontline Animal Removal, are one of the businesses that they referred to when they state, “Contact a nuisance trapper”.

Obviously, we’d prefer it if you called us from the start.  We can help no matter the species or whether it is inside a dwelling or not.

We do believe in honesty, however, and wanted to include mention of this service that the City of Akron provides.  You, as tax paying Akron citizen, may very well want to utilize this service.

But, if you have an animal removal issue in a structure or are having a difficult time with the removal, repairs, etc., give us a call.

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