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Repairing Animal Damage and Preventing New Animal Problems

Squirrels and raccoons are very opportunistic.  If there is a weak spot on your home’s exterior, they’ll definitely exploit it.  In doing so, they’ll probably do some more damage to the area of weakness as they “upgrade” their entrances, exits, and new living quarters.  Loose soffit gets removed,  water-weakened fascia gets chewed away, a vent with a weak screen invites more visitors, etc.

In other words, animal removal often goes hand-in-hand with some sort of repair work.  In the animal damage control industry this is often referred to as “exclusion work” and sometimes it is just better to view it as needed home repairs.

It is really all about prevention; recognizing how the problem came to be and doing what needs to be done to keep this from happening again. Frontline Animal Removal would like to do more than just remove your problem animal!  Our motto says it all:  Removal. Exclusion. Solution.

We have some pictures below to show you what we mean and don’t miss articles related to in our Blog

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Here is a slideshow to help visualize this concept.  In it you see a squirrel in a trap: the removal at the point of entry so you know we’ve caught the offender(s).  Then there are pictures of the repairs made to the problem entry areas: the exclusion.  We try to make a cosmetic match and provide animal stopping strength so animal intrusion does not happen again.

Animal damage repair helps ensure the solution

We are experienced in home repairs and able to make most necessary repairs and modifications to prevent the problem from happening again.  Whether it be soffits, fascia, vents, etc.; we are able to help.  We are experienced, competitively priced, and guarantee our work.  Save the hassle of finding a separate contractor for repairs.  We guarantee we’ll do it right!

This slideshow shows some animal damage and some repairs to that damage.

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