Keep Digging Animals Out

By | October 30, 2017

Stop Digging Animals

The beloved back yard shed…home to lawnmowers, tools, kids’ toys, lawn furniture and GROUNDHOGS?

Yes, sometimes groundhogs live under barns and and let us know by kicking out lots of dirt as they excavate.

Today, our post revisits how to stop groundhogs and other burrowing animals from tunneling under sheds, foundations, decks, patios, etc.

Exclude Animals with Wire

groundhog entranceGroundhogs and other animals have learned that tunneling under a structure provides them a very nice habitat.

Stopping digging animals is accomplished by placing an obstruction in the way so that the digging is unable to proceed.

Placing wire mesh all around the base of a structure definitively keeps the groundhogs or other animals out!

They may try to dig their way in, but they’ll soon find wire that they are unable to get through and move on to easier digging.

Groundhogs, skunks, rabbits, opossums, etc. just can’t chew through a heavy gauge wire.

Stop Groundhogs/Woodchucks with Wire

How does a wire exclusion work?

The slideshow below shows the wire exclusion of the barn pictured above.  This barn had a couple of groundhogs living under it.

After trenching, wire is attached to the base of the barn vertically below ground level. After going about a foot down, the wire makes a 90 degree turn out from the structure  and extends away from the barn.  This configuration will thwart almost all digging attempts.  If a groundhog tries to dig under, they will hit the wire and be stopped.  They might make a small mess, but they won’t be moving in.

Putting wire in place also enables a groundhog removal as a trap is placed over the only non-wired spot.  The area with the trap eventually gets wire once the woodchucks are all removed.

Take a look.

In most instances, we do remove the current problem groundhog(s).  This is accomplished by trapping the entrances and exits with traps that the groundhogs have to walk through to enter or leave the den.

As you saw in the last pictures of the slideshow, a trap was set and the remaining groundhog was captured.  This groundhog was captured efficiently because it was actively using the hole and only had one place to go: into the trap.

More Help for a Woodchuck Problem

Time is winding down on groundhog removal as they’re thinking about their winter slumber.  But, they are still out their eating as much as they can trying to pack on those extra pounds that will get them through winter.

We have more details on our website about trapping groundhogs and keeping them from going under your structures.

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