Not Always Obvious or Easy

Is There a Squirrel Problem? This is a question we get a lot from homeowners who suspect they have a raccoon or squirrel problem but aren’t quite sure. Sometimes, the problem is very obvious. Other times, quite honestly, it takes a bit of detective work to figure out what’s really going on. Today’s blog presents… Read More »

Shifting Chimneys & Nuisance Animals

Chimney Shifting & Nuisance Animals Flying squirrels, bats, and other nuisance animals are well known to take advantage of small gaps on a home’s exterior. A favorite gap that we find bats and flying squirrels using is one created when a chimney shifts away from a home’s exterior.  When chimneys shift away from homes, gaps that… Read More »

Honeybees from Wall

Honey Bee Removal from Wall Honeybees are great!  They pollinate all kinds of plants and give us delicious honey. But, when a colony of honeybees takes up residence in a home, they should be removed.  Here’s an example. Not all honeybee colonies wind up living in the hollows of trees or those cozy man-made bee… Read More »

Baby Raccoon Removal by Mother

Baby Raccoons Removed by Mother Ryan recently caught a raccoon on a roof.  He put her in his truck and drove around with her for a while.  Then he took her back to the job, opened the trap, and let her go.  You read that right…he let her go. Can you guess where she went after he released it?…straight into… Read More »

Birds Inside the House

Birds Making Nests in Houses Some birds put their nests inside of holes (including ones into the house).  Birds that do this are categorized as “cavity dwellers”.  The starling is a widespread, invasive species that is a cavity dweller. As such, starlings are one of the few bird species that is not protected by federal law… Read More »

Good Repairs are Invisible

Animal Repair: Effective & Good Looking In the industry of nuisance animal removal, the actual removal of nuisance wild animals is only half of the battle. The other part of the job, arguably even more important than the actual animal removal, is the repair or exclusion that keeps future animals out.   Actions like replacing a… Read More »

Not Recommended: Repair Before Removal

Remove Squirrels Prior to Repair There are a number of sources on dealing with nuisance squirrels which advise those with a squirrel problem to block off the squirrels’ entrance point in order to solve the problem. For example, our own ODNR Division of Wildlife (whom we greatly respect) gives this sort of advice on their… Read More »

Busy as Beavers

Beaver Dam Removal When we remove squirrels, raccoons or bats from homes, we suggest repairs to prevent future problems with these animals. So, after a squirrel removal, you might find us replacing some chewed fascia so others can’t get in.  Or, after a raccoon removal from a fireplace, you might find us installing a chimney… Read More »

Mole Damage versus Vole Damage

Mole or Vole…What’s the Difference? You are looking at your lawn or mulch bed and it is disturbed. That, in turn, makes you disturbed because you know some creature has been crawling around making this damage but you’re not sure which animal. In today’s post we’ll differentiate between mole damage and vole damage; informing you… Read More »

Roof Damaging Raccoon

Raccoon and Water in the Attic What’s worse–The sound of some animal crawling around in the attic or visible water damage on the ceiling and wall? Sort of a loaded question…both options stink and in many cases they are tied together. Solutions for both raccoon and water intrusion are needed when this sort of thing… Read More »

Muskrat Profile

Odd Muskrat Removal Ryan was called to an odd muskrat job recently.  Why was it odd?  Because the muskrat was captured in a courtyard between apartment units rather than next to a pond or stream. This muskrat was apparently out wondering when it somehow got down into a no-man’s-land between the deck and apartments.  Unable to… Read More »

Meet Our Mole Trapper!

Moles Ruining Your Lawn? Even though there is a fresh layer of snow over the ground this morning across the Akron, Canton, Kent area, the topic today is mole trapping! We’ve not posted about mole trapping thus far in 2017 as we like to hold off trapping them until the freeze thaw cycle is over. But,… Read More »

Repairing Woodpecker Holes

How to Repair Woodpecker Holes Woodpeckers make holes in wood on and around people’s homes. Why? Biologists tell us they do it to attract mates, establish territory, find food, and make spots in which to live. Whatever the cause, woodpecker holes in your property are unsightly and can lead to more animal problems. So what… Read More »

Are You Using That Chimney?

Stop Chimney Raccoons A favorite saying around here is that oldy but goody, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is very true in the nuisance animal removal world when it comes to uncapped chimneys. Uncapped chimneys are an invitation for unwanted animal exploration.  As such, we take calls for squirrels,… Read More »

Skunks, Skunks, Skunks

Skunks on the Move It’s been a busy skunk season so far here in the Akron, Canton, Kent area, and it’s only just getting started. In fact, one job (which is featured in the video below) ultimately yielded 10 Skunks! That is a record number of skunks for us from one location for sure.  It… Read More »

Raccoon Damages Roof Vent

Persistent Raccoon Damages Roof Vent Raccoons are great climbers, very dexterous, curious, and smart.  They adapt well in the urban and suburban environment and are, therefore, a very common nuisance animal in the Akron / Canton / Kent area. Whether we realize it or not, raccoons are around all of us.  They are on the… Read More »

Squirrel-Proof Attic Vents

Is There a Squirrel Proof Attic Vent? Ventilation is a must for roofs. In fact, proper venting helps keep heating and cooling bills stable and increases the longevity of the roof. But, since you do put holes in the roof to install vents, there is a risk for animals like squirrels to get into the attic… Read More »

Squirrel Exposes Bigger Problem

Opportunistic Squirrel Living in Wall Last week we received a call from a concerned homeowner who thought there was an animal in an upstairs closet. Ryan went to investigate and found a piece of cardboard taped over a hole in the drywall in the closet. When he peeled back the cardboard, he found a hole in the… Read More »

Questions on Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel Questions This past weekend our blog post sort of wrote itself, as a friend sent an email with questions on flying squirrels. Her parents recently moved and have discovered their new home has a squirrel problem. Offered below are the back and forth emails between me, my friend Erin, and her mother Ava. These… Read More »

Two Raccoons from One Chimney

Noisy Raccoons in Fireplace Removed There’s been some strange noises from the fireplace and residents suspect an animal is living in it.  Is it squirrels, birds, or raccoons? Well, this one was pretty easy to figure out with a quick glance from below. Take a look at this picture which was taken from inside the… Read More »

Bathing with a Raccoon

Bathroom Dwelling Raccoon Trapped Imagine walking into the upstairs bathroom one morning, using the toilet, and it sounds like something is crawling around under the floor. You’re dismissive.  It’s early…it was a late night…you haven’t had your first cup of coffee…there’s got to be some explanation for your mind playing tricks on you. Then you reach… Read More »

Trapping Winter Raccoons

Cold Weather Raccoon Removal It’s December and there’s a raccoon living in the house. It pulled back some soffit and is now tucked away in a void up in the attic/roof space. To quickly address the problem: the entry/exit has been identified a trap has been put in place escape routes have been blocked With… Read More »