Attic Squirrel Removal

By | October 18, 2017

Getting Squirrels Out of Attic

What is the most efficient way to get squirrels out of an attic?  We believe it is with the use of a cage trap placed right over the squirrel’s exit.

When set up properly, this method is able to catch multiple squirrels in a very short time.

In this post, we’ll explain how it’s done and share a video so you can visualize what we’re talking about.

Steps for Attic Squirrel Removal

Step 1: Identify where the squirrels are getting into the attic

Identifying where the squirrels are getting into the building is the all important first step.  If you are unable to pinpoint how the squirrels are getting in, the method described below will be unsuccessful.

In the video, the squirrels were getting in through a hole they had created in a vent at the roof’s gable.

Step 2: Modify the entrance/exit (if needed) so that there is only a small opening left. 

The opening should be small enough for the trap to cover.  If the exit is not narrowed down, the squirrels may slip around the trap entrance.

In our video Ryan cut and placed a wire mesh over the whole semi-circular gable vent.  He only left a small opening at the bottom where the entry was and which could be covered by the trap.  He covered the whole vent because it offered potential spots for the squirrels to get out around the trap.

Step 3:  Attach and secure a one-way door trap over the exit.

squirrel trap for atticOne-way door traps have pivoting, angled doors which raise when squirrels push against the bottoms.

This allows squirrels to pass on to the next part of the trap.  But, they cannot go backward because of the direction of the pivot.  Though it seems simple, a squirrel isn’t able to put its paws under the bottom and pick the door up while slipping underneath it. Any pressure they apply to the door heading back toward the exit only secures the door more.

The video shows these doors pretty well and how squirrels can get by them going one-way, but not going back.

The mechanism allows more than one squirrel to enter the trap over a period of time.  For this reason, this type of trap is sometimes referred to as a “repeater” or “multi-catch” trap.  Ryan refers to it in the video as a “repeater” trap.

For an example of this style of trap and where they are available you may want to check out this link. See Tomahawk Brand’s Multiple Catch/Repeating Traps page.

Step 4 : Place some baited, standard live traps in the area.

In case a squirrel was out of the attic when you made the set-up, you’ll want to put a trigger-style trap or two with bait in the vicinity as well.  This is because returning squirrels won’t be able to get back in but need to be caught.  They’ll be curious and crawl all around the set-up.  A standard trap invites them in and catches them.

In the video, a standard trap is sitting on top of the repeater trap that the squirrels are in.  The door is still up on this trap and no squirrels are in it.  All of these squirrels were coming from inside.

Video of Attic Squirrels in Trap

We’ve given you some things to look for in the video.  So, without further ado, here’s look at an efficient catch of multiple squirrels from an attic

As far as efficiency goes, the results speak for themselves.  On this first check, five of the squirrels living in this attic were captured.

Luckily and unluckily, Ryan knows there is one more to be caught as it had just come out of the attic when he started filming.  It scurried back in, no doubt wondering where its litter mates went.

Had Ryan shown up just a few minutes later, chances are this squirrel would have taken those extra couple steps itself and been on the wrong side of a one-way door.

Nevertheless, on any job the traps stay in place until the squirrel problem is resolved.

Resolution occurs when

  • noises in the attic are gone
  • no more are caught exiting
  • the outside traps aren’t catching any squirrels hanging around the hole
  • repairs have been made once all the squirrels are gone

Squirrel Removal and Repair for Akron / Canton / Kent

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