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Bat Proofing Cautions

Bat Proofing Quality In theory, bat proofing isn’t too difficult…Just find all the spots bats can get in and seal them.  Right? But, as we all know, putting theory into action is usually better accomplished by the experienced and proficient. In practice, all bat proofing is not equal. In the Akron, Canton, Kent, OH area… Read More »

Tactic Change for Squirrels

Squirrel Catching Tactics Most squirrels won’t pass up an easy meal. Put a well-baited cage trap in a travel path and the success rate is pretty high. But, there are those other ones- the smart or wary ones- that will avoid a hand out and walk past traps. Here is an example. Squirrel Traps In… Read More »

How Do Bats Get Into Homes?

Gaps: How Bats Get In Unlike squirrels and raccoons, bats don’t force their way into our homes. So how do they get in? They get in through small openings that come to exist on our homes through age, damage, design, or poor workmanship.  Or, more than likely, a combination of these factors. For example, this picture shows… Read More »

Groundhogs Undermine Concrete

Groundhog Tunneling Cracks Concrete From raiding gardens to making ugly holes, groundhogs are a common nuisance animal for many homeowners in the Akron, Canton, and Kent area. Sometimes though, groundhog tunnels can go beyond annoyance and become downright destructive and costly. This happens when groundhog tunnels are excavated below concrete.  Specifically, when  the groundhog tunnel… Read More »

Squirrel Removal Example

Removing Attic Squirrels Just trying to keep squirrels out is often ineffective; squirrels must also be removed for a real resolution. If you’ve read any of our other posts or pages on squirrels you’ll realize that this  removal + exclusion approach is a recurrent theme. Today’s post gives a good example of this. Let’s start… Read More »

Coming Soon: Young Squirrels

Baby Squirrels Return Spring is often associated with the birth of wild animals for good reason. In fact, most of the nuisance animals we remove from people’s homes give birth in the first half of the year and typically only have one litter per year. Bats, raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, moles (usually), and beavers are species… Read More »

Mothballs & Raccoons?

Do Mothballs Deter Raccoons? Well…that all depends on whom you ask and what sources of information you find. Believe us, you’ll find sources that swear by mothballs and those who believe they’re a waste of time.   One source will say raccoons run from the smell. Another will say mothballs are “proven” not to work?… Read More »

Noise in the Attic?

Mice Sometimes are the Issue As a nuisance animal removal company, we get a lot of calls for noises in the attic and many of our removals involve attics. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and bats all use attics and make a variety of noises up there. For example, the picture to the right shows a large… Read More »

Do Bat Houses Work?

Do Bat Houses Work? While we are in the business of getting bats out of houses, we’ve also been known to give them homes as well. In fact, in this post you’ll find video of two bat houses mounted on Ryan’s chimney which are currently occupied by bats. Do bat houses work?  Yes, but sometimes… Read More »

Bees Removed from Church

Honey Bees in Church Ceiling In Judeo-Christian scripture, we read that God promised the Israelites a “land flowing with milk and honey”. But, what do you think would have happened if the honey was literally flowing in the ceiling of one of the places of worship? We suspect they’d have  1) Thanked God for starters… Read More »

Repair Squirrel Damage

Fixing Squirrel Damage At Frontline Animal Removal, we do two things for customers in the Akron, Canton, Kent area: We remove unwanted pests & wild animals from people’s homes We make repairs/modifications to homes affected by pest animals as prevention Since it’s in our name: animal removal is a given. Yet, in the industry of nuisance… Read More »

Baby Groundhogs/Woodchucks

Baby Groundhogs Add to Problem We get a spike in service calls for groundhog and woodchuck removal every summer as the young of the year are all out of the burrows now and the whole family is hungry. As the young get older, they will venture out on their own and travel to find their… Read More »

Groundhog Investigations

Is There a Groundhog Problem? If it looks like groundhog hole, does that mean there is a groundhog living in it? And because there’s what looks like a groundhog hole, do I, therefore, need to have a trapping company out to investigate? The answer to both these questions is, “No”. This post is for anyone… Read More »

Raccoon Proof Vents

Stop Raccoons Getting in at Vents Roof vents are a favorite spot for raccoons to get into attics.   Because of this, keeping them out can be difficult once they’ve determined your vent is a good spot to get in. Roof vents are great and necessary for ventilation, but, it is a hole in the… Read More »

When Do Ohio Bats Give Birth?

Time for Baby Bats During this late spring period, female Big Brown Bats and Evening Bats (the two most common species we remove from people’s homes here in the Akron/Canton/Kent area) are giving birth. In attics and soffits near you, these amazing little flying mammals are giving birth and June is the peak month. Having… Read More »

Raccoon Removal Videos

Raccoon Video Blogs It’s been a busy spring for raccoon removal! Here in the Akron, Canton, Kent area there is a very healthy raccoon population.  This is evident by the number of raccoon mothers that enter buildings and give birth inside them. Ryan has been in all kinds of void spaces in homes, apartments, and office… Read More »

Gutter Problems & Nuisance Animals

The Gutter / Nuisance Animal Connection Is there a link between clogged or damaged gutters and animal problems? You bet. Clogged/damaged gutters and downspouts cause water to flow where it was not intended to go.  For many reasons, including entry by nuisance animals, this is an issue you want to avoid. Water repeatedly flowing across… Read More »

Not Always Obvious or Easy

Is There a Squirrel Problem? This is a question we get a lot from homeowners who suspect they have a raccoon or squirrel problem but aren’t quite sure. Sometimes, the problem is very obvious. Other times, quite honestly, it takes a bit of detective work to figure out what’s really going on. Today’s blog presents… Read More »

Shifting Chimneys & Nuisance Animals

Chimney Shifting & Nuisance Animals Flying squirrels, bats, and other nuisance animals are well known to take advantage of small gaps on a home’s exterior. A favorite gap that we find bats and flying squirrels using is one created when a chimney shifts away from a home’s exterior.  When chimneys shift away from homes, gaps that… Read More »

Honeybees from Wall

Honey Bee Removal from Wall Honeybees are great!  They pollinate all kinds of plants and give us delicious honey. But, when a colony of honeybees takes up residence in a home, they should be removed.  Here’s an example. Not all honeybee colonies wind up living in the hollows of trees or those cozy man-made bee… Read More »

Baby Raccoon Removal by Mother

Baby Raccoons Removed by Mother Ryan recently caught a raccoon on a roof.  He put her in his truck and drove around with her for a while.  Then he took her back to the job, opened the trap, and let her go.  You read that right…he let her go. Can you guess where she went after he released it?…straight into… Read More »

Birds Inside the House

Birds Making Nests in Houses Some birds put their nests inside of holes (including ones into the house).  Birds that do this are categorized as “cavity dwellers”.  The starling is a widespread, invasive species that is a cavity dweller. As such, starlings are one of the few bird species that is not protected by federal law… Read More »

Good Repairs are Invisible

Animal Repair: Effective & Good Looking In the industry of nuisance animal removal, the actual removal of nuisance wild animals is only half of the battle. The other part of the job, arguably even more important than the actual animal removal, is the repair or exclusion that keeps future animals out.   Actions like replacing a… Read More »

Not Recommended: Repair Before Removal

Remove Squirrels Prior to Repair There are a number of sources on dealing with nuisance squirrels which advise those with a squirrel problem to block off the squirrels’ entrance point in order to solve the problem. For example, our own ODNR Division of Wildlife (whom we greatly respect) gives this sort of advice on their… Read More »

Busy as Beavers

Beaver Dam Removal When we remove squirrels, raccoons or bats from homes, we suggest repairs to prevent future problems with these animals. So, after a squirrel removal, you might find us replacing some chewed fascia so others can’t get in.  Or, after a raccoon removal from a fireplace, you might find us installing a chimney… Read More »