Birds in Basements

By | January 10, 2018

Basement Birds in Winter

We’ve had some pretty cold weather this winter.  If you like to ice fish or ski you probably don’t mind.  Others might say, “It’s for the birds!”

Well, it’s actually not for the birds as many birds don’t like the super cold, but we all understand the sentiment.

Like some “snowsbirds” here in Ohio, many species of birds don’t like the cold weather at all and migrate to warmer climates.

Some of our bird species stick around and tough it out like the rest of us.

That doesn’t mean that birds who stay here through the winter don’t take advantage of warm spots when they can find them.

It is this behavior of seeking the warmest spots possible that leads to calls for bird removal from structures in the winter.

Starlings, especially, will seek the warmth coming from homes and find their way inside if possible.  Often this leads to wayward birds in the basement.

Bird in My Basement

Starlings removed from house

“Help, there’s a bird in my basement”, is a common request during the winter months.  Getting the birds out and keeping them out are services we offer.  Catching them is usually low tech.  And, having an understanding of how birds usually get in basements aids in prevention.

Birds usually enter basements through some sort of duct work.

Many people’s homes have furnaces and hot water tanks vented through their chimneys.  Birds, especially starlings and sparrows, like to gather on the edges of these chimneys and utilize the extra warmth found there.  During the last couple of cold snaps you can bet that these warmer perches were in high demand.

When it’s REALLY cold and the chimneys are open and accessible to birds (NO CHIMNEY CAPS or SCREENING), some birds will go down the chimney seeking even more warmth and protection from the cold winds.  Starlings are a type of bird that prefer to dwell in cavities, so they have no problem going on exploratory missions down into chimneys.

When the starlings reach the warm chimney bottoms (usually in the basement), they usually reach a dead end.  But, sometimes there is a way out and right into the basement.  You may here noises such as chirping and wings flapping in the basement tipping you off that birds have gotten in.

Other times, they might be able to slip under a piece of soffit by the attic and (because of the age/design of the construction) travel all the way to basement.

Preventing Birds in the Basement

Prevention is pretty straightforward: figure out how the birds got in and remedy the problem.  An inspection will usually figure out how the birds got in.

For example, a bird in the basement that got in by travelling down a chimney can be prevented with a chimney cap. Chimney caps keep animals out of chimneys and also protect your flues from rain.  We highly recommend them.

We install chimney caps, vent screens and other bird prevention devices.

Bird Removal | Akron, Canton, Kent

If you have birds in the basement in the Akron, Canton, Kent, OH area and want them out; give Frontline Animal Removal a call.  We will also install chimney caps to prevent any further animal intrusions.

Please check out our Bird Removal Page for more information.

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