Good Repairs are Invisible

By | April 29, 2017

Animal Repair: Effective & Good Looking

In the industry of nuisance animal removal, the actual removal of nuisance wild animals is only half of the battle.

The other part of the job, arguably even more important than the actual animal removal, is the repair or exclusion that keeps future animals out.   Actions like replacing a vent, replacing a soffit, bending aluminum trim, and laying long beads of caulk are very important to the solutions we provide.

We pride ourselves in offering expert, efficient animal removal AND good looking, high quality exclusion work.

Too often in our industry, and even in the Akron, Canton, Kent area, some homeowners with animal problems have difficulty finding contractors that can deliver expert animal removal and excellent repairs.

For example, to the right is an example of what we found at a recent job.

What you see is what was left by someone who offered animal removal.

What we see is a mess.

Beside the two by four left nailed to the roof, there is a mesh netting where the animal was getting in and a piece of siding is still missing.

To the detriment of homeowners, sadly we find this sort of thing too often.

Expert Animal Removal and Repair

Frontline Animal Removal makes proper repair work a huge priority.

If the animals are removed from a house, but the house isn’t correctly repaired and sealed after the removal, the animals will find their way right back into a home. When Frontline Animal Removal makes a repair, we make sure to do it right the first time.

And, we strive to do it so it looks good.

Here is an example. Watch as Ryan takes you on a bat exclusion job.  The bats won’t get back in AND it looks good.


Akron, Canton, Kent Animal Removal & Repair

We strongly believe that repairs are often as important as the animal removal itself.

If you are evicting an animal on your own, do yourself a favor and follow it up with a quality repair!

We are experienced in home repairs and able to make most necessary repairs and modifications to prevent the problem from happening again.

Whether it be soffits, fascia, vents, etc. we are able to help.

We are experienced, competitively priced, and guarantee our work.  Save the hassle of finding a separate contractor for repairs.  We guarantee we’ll do it right!

If you live in the Akron / Canton / Kent , Ohio and are in need of professional animal removal AND animal damage repairs please give us a call today!

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