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Identifying Bat Problems & Formulating a Solution

Of all of the mammals that reside in Ohio, the bat is one of the most beneficial. Bats make life easier and more enjoyable for all of us because they eat millions of insects every night. Bats eat pesky mosquitoes and other insects that cause significant damage to farm crops. Bats are Mother Nature’s true, organic pesticide.Big Brown Bat Removal

That being said, no one wants to find out that the attic, chimney, or soffit of their home has become infested with bats.

Frontline Animal Removal appreciates bats and can help manage your bat problem in an environmentally friendly way.


If you suspect bats have moved into your dwelling, we’ll look for signs of bats.  As shown in the slide show “Anatomy of a Bat Inspection” below, here are some signs we’ll look for.

  • Bats usually create piles of feces, also known as guano, below their entrance point into your home.
  • Bats also create large piles of guano below their roosts. These droppings can carry a fungus known to cause the disease histoplasmosis. This fungus is inhaled and causes tuberculosis like symptoms which can be very harmful. Respiratory protection needs to be taken.  Find the guano, bats are confirmed.
  • At dusk and dawn, when bats are present, they can be found flying near the entrances of their roosts.
  • Bat urine and feces have a very strong ammonia odor, and if bats have been in your home for some time, you will most likely experience this unpleasant odor.  It often ruins insulation.
  • Bats also leave brown greasy trails where they consistently touch wood or vinyl siding.

During an inspection we’ll look for all possible openings that are the width of a pencil or greater.  These are the areas that will need to be sealed to prevent re-entry by bats once they are excluded.

Bat Inspection Videos

Sometimes seeing is believing.

When conducting an inspection, we often times will take video or pictures.  Homeowners like to see what’s going on and this gives us the opportunity to show them.

Check out this inspection video:

Help with Bats for Canton, Kent, and Akron

If you find what appears to be a sick or injured bat in or around your home, be cautious and call a professional. Bats can carry many diseases and parasites that transfer to humans, such as rabies, salmonella, arboviruses, fleas, dermestid beetles, histoplasmosis, mites, ticks, and bat bugs.  Standard precautions need to be taken.

If you suspect bats have invaded your home or business give Frontline Animal Removal a call or send us an email. We can inspect your property and if bats are truly a problem we can implement a solution. (Solutions will vary based on time of the year/presence of bats.)

Frontline Animal Removal will install one way exits (if appropriate), seal the building preventing the bats from reentry, and provide clean up of any contamination from bat guano.

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