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Bird Control Limits Messy Situations

Most people don’t think of birds as pests. When given the opportunity, however, birds can create a huge mess and be quite destructive to a person’s dwelling.

In Ohio, certified nuisance wild animal control operators are allowed to remove and/or destroy the nests and eggs d at any time of the following birds:

  • European Starlings
  • English Sparrows
  • Common Pigeons (other than homing pigeons)

Crows, woodpeckers, geese, ducks, mute swans, and wild turkeys area able to be removed under very specific circumstances when the correct governmental organization with jurisdiction gives approval.  It gets a little confusing.

All other birds are protected and cannot be harmed in any way during interactions.

Not harming them is often no problem as there are exclusion methods used to dissuade birds from using property for nest and roosting sites that do not harm the birds.

Frontline Animal Removal will investigate your bird problem and create a solution based upon the bird species.

Bird Removal for Akron/Canton/Kent OH

Common bird calls for us deal often times deal with starlings and pigeons.

Starlings, for example,  are cavity nesters; birds which build their nests inside of something.  Favorite nesting spots are soffits, vents, and attics if available.  Because of this habit, starlings are a common nuisance species in the Akron/Canton/Kent area, especially in nesting time.

Here are some pictures of starling issues:

Here is a video where Ryan shows off our pigeon prowess.

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