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Tactic Change for Squirrels

Squirrel Catching Tactics Most squirrels won’t pass up an easy meal. Put a well-baited cage trap in a travel path and the success rate is pretty high. But, there are those other ones- the smart or wary ones- that will avoid a hand out and walk past traps. Here is an example. Squirrel Traps In… Read More »

Squirrel Removal Example

Removing Attic Squirrels Just trying to keep squirrels out is often ineffective; squirrels must also be removed for a real resolution. If you’ve read any of our other posts or pages on squirrels you’ll realize that this  removal + exclusion approach is a recurrent theme. Today’s post gives a good example of this. Let’s start… Read More »

Coming Soon: Young Squirrels

Baby Squirrels Return Spring is often associated with the birth of wild animals for good reason. In fact, most of the nuisance animals we remove from people’s homes give birth in the first half of the year and typically only have one litter per year. Bats, raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, moles (usually), and beavers are species… Read More »

Repair Squirrel Damage

Fixing Squirrel Damage At Frontline Animal Removal, we do two things for customers in the Akron, Canton, Kent area: We remove unwanted pests & wild animals from people’s homes We make repairs/modifications to homes affected by pest animals as prevention Since it’s in our name: animal removal is a given. Yet, in the industry of nuisance… Read More »

Gutter Problems & Nuisance Animals

The Gutter / Nuisance Animal Connection Is there a link between clogged or damaged gutters and animal problems? You bet. Clogged/damaged gutters and downspouts cause water to flow where it was not intended to go.  For many reasons, including entry by nuisance animals, this is an issue you want to avoid. Water repeatedly flowing across… Read More »

Not Always Obvious or Easy

Is There a Squirrel Problem? This is a question we get a lot from homeowners who suspect they have a raccoon or squirrel problem but aren’t quite sure. Sometimes, the problem is very obvious. Other times, quite honestly, it takes a bit of detective work to figure out what’s really going on. Today’s blog presents… Read More »

Not Recommended: Repair Before Removal

Remove Squirrels Prior to Repair There are a number of sources on dealing with nuisance squirrels which advise those with a squirrel problem to block off the squirrels’ entrance point in order to solve the problem. For example, our own ODNR Division of Wildlife (whom we greatly respect) gives this sort of advice on their… Read More »

Squirrel-Proof Attic Vents

Is There a Squirrel Proof Attic Vent? Ventilation is a must for roofs. In fact, proper venting helps keep heating and cooling bills stable and increases the longevity of the roof. But, since you do put holes in the roof to install vents, there is a risk for animals like squirrels to get into the attic… Read More »

Squirrel Exposes Bigger Problem

Opportunistic Squirrel Living in Wall Last week we received a call from a concerned homeowner who thought there was an animal in an upstairs closet. Ryan went to investigate and found a piece of cardboard taped over a hole in the drywall in the closet. When he peeled back the cardboard, he found a hole in the… Read More »

Dealing with Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel Removal | Kent, Canton, Akron Say the word ‘squirrel’ to someone here in Northeast Ohio, and the likely picture to pop into that person’s head is one of a gray or black squirrel. It’s true because gray and black  squirrels are visible during daylight hours and are in all our neighborhoods. People are familiar… Read More »

Spying on Squirrels

Game Camera Catches Squirrels in Action One of the coolest tools we have is a game camera. What is a game camera?  It is a camera that has a waterproof case and a motion activated shutter.  It is left outside and when an animal goes by it, the camera takes a picture.  After a day or… Read More »

Gable Vent Squirrels

Squirrels Get into Attic Through Gable Vents Some home design really invites squirrels. Today’s post showcases a design element that is a huge invitation to squirrels: open gable vents.

Squirrels and Damage

Squirrel Chewing = Damage Can squirrel chewing cause a lot of damage to a home? Can it cause a whole gutter to pull off a house? If you are not one to underestimate the damage potential of the grey squirrels’ incisors, you know the answer to these questions is a definite “Yes”. Squirrels left to live… Read More »

Squirrel Trapping 101

Squirrel Trappings Basics Gray Squirrels or Fox Squirrels are living in the attic. They come out of the soffit and run around on the roof. There are big ones and little ones. They are really driving you nuts (pun intended).

Squirrels Young and Old

Baby Squirrels More Active As we transition from April into May, young squirrels are starting to make their presence known.  At this time, there is usually an increase in the number of calls for squirrel removal in the Akron, Canton, Kent, OH area. This is because those Ohio squirrels that were born in February and… Read More »

When are Squirrels Born in Ohio?

Squirrels Have Recently Been Born Ever wonder when squirrels are born are in Ohio? Here in the Akron, Canton, Kent area of northeast Ohio, the first round of squirrel births is just coming to a close with many February and March births.

Squirrels in the Attic

How Do You Catch Attic Squirrels? If you have grey squirrels or fox squirrels living in your attic and ever wondered how to catch them, this post is for you.