Dead Animal Removal

Dead & Sick Animal Removal

Sometimes animals that are sick or injured will crawl inside of walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces and die. Not only is the sight of a dead animal unpleasant, the terrible odor from the carcass can invade your living and work spaces. Believe us, it can be pretty gross.

If you suspect a dead animal is fouling the air in your home or at your work, give us a call. Usually within minutes of the dead animal’s removal the offensive smell will begin to dissipate.

A sick animal is also a sad sight and can pose a health risk to people and pets.  Remember, wild animals wandering around during the day not appropriately fleeing from humans, walking with odd gaits, animals lying in the open without cover and panting heavily are signs of diseased animals. We’ll safely capture the sick animal on your property, humanely euthanize it,  and make any necessary reports if your locality does not have an agency responsible for this.