About Us

The Frontline Animal Removal Team

Frontline Animal Removal is a locally owned and operated company based in Uniontown/Hartville, OH and primarily serving Stark, Summit, and Portage Counties.

We are not the middleman taking calls and passing the work on to others like a lot of the wildlife removal sites that exist on the internet.

If you call us, we are the ones to whom you’ll speak. We are the ones who will do the job.

Who are we?

Dominic (L), Brian (C), Ryan (R)

Brian Briggs and Dominic Morber launched the company in 2010.

Avid outdoorsmen, we decided to pursue the “Do What You Love / Love What You Do” mindset.

Fishing, hunting, and trapping together for many years, we eventually decided to partner in becoming students and practitioners in the nuisance wildlife control field.

Passionate about effective wildlife control, we also have professional backgrounds in customer service, safety, education, and construction. Our life experience, combined with a history of successful work partnership, augments and sustains our business model.

For simplicity sake, Brian is the CEO/CFO, and sometimes operator.  Dominic is the Director of Marketing (basically in charge of developing and maintaining our web site) and Brian’s foil.

In July 2012, Frontline Animal Removal added Ryan Kirk as an associate operator.  Ryan is now a partner and the main operator; the man who sets and checks a lot of the traps and does most of the repair work.   Because of this, Ryan is the face of Frontline Animal Removal to many people who do not see this page.

Ryan has attended specialty classes in Animal Damage Control and Bat Management and is a voracious researcher.  Lucky for the company, he also has rugged good looks and is a charm school graduate.

Mole Man OhioIn 2016, Frontline Animal Removal added a mole specialist to our team.  He is none other then Jeff Briggs, Brian’s brother.  Jeff and Brian have maintained a trap line together since they started with their grandpa in the 1970s.  Besides trapping moles, Jeff helps out as necessary.  Read more about Jeff’s mole work.

What Others Are Saying About Us:

We like what we do and it apparently shows.

We’ve been featured in a couple of articles; one by ABOUT Stark County Magazine and one in the Akron Beacon Journal.

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