Groundhog Removal

Akron / Canton / Kent Groundhog Removal

Trapping, Removing, and Excluding Groundhogs

You’ve worked so hard on your garden only to come home one evening and see a chubby brown critter scurry away leaving your vegetables plant in disarray.  Immediately you know: you have a groundhog problem!

Groundhogs (sometimes referred to as woodchucks) are very adaptable and, therefore, are very common here in the Akron/Canton/Kent area.  They are one of the most common nuisance animals to homeowners, city and suburb alike.

The main problems they pose to homeowners are their eating and denning habits. Groundhogs eat a variety of plant material and will gladly eat your garden or landscaping if available and desirable. Likewise, they seek prime sheltering spots and will make dens under decks, by foundations, under sheds and woodpiles, or right in the middle of your lawn.captured groundhog

If you’ve had enough of the eating and denning habits of a problem groundhog on your property, Frontline Animal Removal can help. We offer professional groundhog removal services. Trust us to quickly and efficiently remove the groundhog or groundhogs from your property.

For do-it-yourself-trappers:  Call us if you’ve reached a plateau and the problem still exists: we can help.

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And, take a look at some of our videos on groundhog/woodchuck removal.

Groundhog Removal Videos

Also consider protecting your sheds, porches, and decks from groundhogs moving under by hiring us to place material that will keep groundhogs out.  Besides removing a problem family of groundhogs, we can assure that they won’t move back under a structure.  Please check out this page which shows some photos of a deck/sunroom exclusion job.

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