Groundhog Trapping Tip

By | August 1, 2016

A Great Use for Groundhog Poop

Here’s a great groundhog/woodchuck trapping tip:

Groundhog poop is a great attractant which can be utilized to catch other groundhogs

Why is that?  Because many animals like to check out the poop (and urine) of other animals, including members of their own species.

Think about it:  if you take your dog for a walk, doesn’t your dog always seem to find a pile left by another dog (and owner!) and start to sniff it?

We realize groundhogs aren’t dogs, but we believe it is a good analogy.

We can’t give a definitive reason why groundhogs are made curious by other groundhogs’ poop but it probably has something to do with territory and curiosity.  We do know using groundhog poop as an attractant works.

Groundhog Poop is Hard to Come By

Using groundhog pooh to attract other groundhogs has one drawback–it’s hard to come by.

That’s because groundhogs (under normal circumstances) poop underground in special chambers unique from their main chamber.

Yes, groundhogs have their own toileting rooms underground.

Therefore, finding groundhog poop on the surface to use in trapping is not something easily accomplished.

But, if you were to set a live trap and capture one in the trap, getting your hands on some groundhog pooh 🙂 is more easily accomplished.

That’s because a groundhog that’s in a trap is likely to poop while it’s in confinement.

So, the trick to getting some attracting groundhog poop for trapping purposes is catching the first one.

Catch that first woodchuck and keep it around long enough for it to poop in the cage, and you could be in business 🙂 for catching another one pretty easily.

Video Tip |  Ryan Explains Value of Groundhog Poop


Groundhogs and Groundhog Removal for Canton, Akron, & Kent

If you can catch a first groundhog, catching groundhog #2 🙂 could be a lot easier if you take some of the poop from the first groundhog and put it in the trap you’re trying to catch the second one in.

We hope this tip helps.

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