Baby Groundhogs/Woodchucks

By | July 3, 2017

Baby Groundhogs Add to Problem

We get a spike in service calls for groundhog and woodchuck removal every summer as the young of the year are all out of the burrows now and the whole family is hungry.

As the young get older, they will venture out on their own and travel to find their own territories.

We thought a blog entry on groundhog trapping tactics might be useful.

Groundhog Removal Advice for Akron / Canton / Kent

We are skilled at groundhog removal but do not have any secret methods.  Catching groundhogs is simply a matter of deploying the proper tools in the proper spots.  Here are some common questions and insights we’d like to share.

  • “What do I use for bait to catch a groundhog?”  We usually not use bait.  There is usually plenty around for a groundhog to eat.  Attracting them into a trap for a tasty treat does work, but is pretty random.
  • “Where should I place my groundhog traps?”  We always place traps (without bait) in travel paths.  An easy spot is at den entrances.  Know where the den entrances are. Watch groundhogs travel.  When you scare them, do they always go under the same piece of fence? Or go right along the house just behind a particular bush?  Identifying where they typically travel is key.  Then, utilize funnels on travel paths when placing traps.  Once the travel path is identified, use materials like wood, rock, fence, kids toys etc. to narrow down the travel path and force them through a trap you strategically place.
  • “What kind of trap should I use to capture a groundhog?”  We most typically use double door traps with spring loaded doors. This enables the groundhog to see through the trap and continue traveling.  In between the doors they trip the trigger and are captured. Some groundhogs will not commit to single door traps.  Big box stores typically don’t carry these types of traps, but you can find them on the internet.

Take a look at the picture below.  This is a very simple groundhog set up.  There is hole under this structure.  It was confirmed through observation that the hole was active.  This is an obvious travel path.  Wire, a rock, and the structure itself were used to force the groundhog through the trap.  Both doors are down now, but the groundhog would have seen through the open trap doors and deemed this the path of least resistance.  You see the result.  It is a simple concept of giving the groundhog one travel choice-right through the trap.Woddchuck in TrapHere is another picture of a very simple, yet effective, set-up.North Canton Groundhog Removal

For more information, please check out our general Groundhog Removal page.

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