Groundhogs Undermine Concrete

By | August 30, 2017

Groundhog Tunneling Cracks Concrete

From raiding gardens to making ugly holes, groundhogs are a common nuisance animal for many homeowners in the Akron, Canton, and Kent area.

Sometimes though, groundhog tunnels can go beyond annoyance and become downright destructive and costly.

This happens when groundhog tunnels are excavated below concrete.  Specifically, when  the groundhog tunnel leaves a piece of concrete unsupported.

As the picture to the right shows, if a piece of concrete is left unsupported, it’s own weight can cause the concrete to crack.

Here there is a large crack that is sagging off the edge of this front stoop and a smaller crack about a foot from that.

This groundhog’s tunnel paralleled the edge of the concrete and really caused problems.

How Does a Woodchuck Tunnel Damage Concrete?

Concrete is very strong when it is supported by a good base.

But, when it lacks a good base because a groundhog has removed it, trouble follows.

Here is some trouble waiting to happen because of a groundhog.

Barely visible in this picture to the left is a groundhog hole right next to a sidewalk. But when the groundhog runs through the open lot and disappears down the hole, it is easy to spot.

Examining the hole up close, the potential trouble is easy to see.

Looking into the hole, one can follow the tunnel right under this sidewalk.  How far does it go? What is the extent of the excavation?  It is hard to say for sure, but it definitely accommodates a groundhog’s activity.

Unless this groundhog is removed and the hole is filled, we believe that this sidewalk block will eventually crack and heave.

Groundhog Removal | Akron, Canton, Kent

Removing the groundhog from the hole is accomplished by trapping it.  A double door trap placed right over the groundhog’s trap is sure to catch it when it comes or goes.

For example, here is a groundhog that was captured at its hole as it was either coming or going.

Once the earth moving groundhog is removed, the hole can then be filled in and reinforced.  Getting the holes filled again can stops the erosion, sagging, and freeze/thaw process that leads to concrete cracking.


For groundhog removal in the Akron, Canton, Kent Ohio area, please call the experts at Frontline Animal Removal.

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