Gutter Clean Out

Gutter Clean Out & Maintenance

Clogged gutters often contribute to an animal’s ability to gain access to the interior of a home; squirrels and raccoons in particular.

When gutters are unable to properly drain, the water backs up and runs down the fascia board. Over time the fascia board begins to rot and soften.  Roof decking can be rotted away as well.

Raccoon access hole

Clogged gutters keep areas wet. This leads to damaged fascia and roof decking. This hole in the roof was made by a raccoon exploiting a water weakened roof.

Squirrels love soft/rotten wood because it is easy to chew through. Squirrels chew through the rotten wood and nest inside of attics or walls. If the water damage is severe, raccoons have been known to peel off rotten soffits and fascia boards and take over an attic space.

Animals getting into homes because of rotten wood is not the only problem caused by clogged gutters. The home’s structural integrity can also be affected by the wood rot. Clogged gutters allow water to fall near the foundation of the home and can wash away soil from around a slab foundation or lead to a wet basement.

Many of the homeowners that seek Frontline Animal Removal for squirrel removal could have prevented the animal infestation with regular gutter maintenance.

Frontline Animal Removal will gladly clean out your gutters as often as needed. Generally, the more trees and the tree/roof overhang, the more often the gutters will need cleaned out. The cost of regular gutter maintenance is small compared to the expense of repairs to the dwelling once damage has occurred. Contact us today about this service.