Gutter Problems & Nuisance Animals

By | June 3, 2017

The Gutter / Nuisance Animal Connection

Is there a link between clogged or damaged gutters and animal problems? You bet.

Clogged/damaged gutters and downspouts cause water to flow where it was not intended to go.  For many reasons, including entry by nuisance animals, this is an issue you want to avoid.

Water repeatedly flowing across fascia boards and roof decking causes rot.

Rotten and weakened fascia or decking creates a potential entry point for raccoons, squirrels, birds and other animals.  We’ve seen many nuisance animals exploit these weakened areas.

Noises in Attic Reveal a Second Problem

Many times when called for noises in the attic, we find two problems.  The first is obvious; the animal.   The second problem often found is damage from issues with the gutters.

In the video below, Ryan shows the connection between a squirrel problem and a gutter problem.

Often, the gutter problem is the long-term issue that should be dealt with to really make the squirrel problem go away.

Gutter clean-out on a regular basis can help prevent these problems and is one of the services offered by Frontline Animal Removal.

Call for Help with Animals & Gutters

If clogged gutters are your concern or if you think you may already have a raccoon or squirrel in your attic, give Frontline Animal Removal a call.

Call Today!

 Many of the homeowners that seek Frontline Animal Removal for squirrel removal could have prevented the animal infestation with regular gutter maintenance.

Frontline Animal Removal will gladly clean out your gutters as often as needed. Generally, the more trees and the tree/roof overhang, the more often the gutters will need cleaned out. The cost of regular gutter maintenance is small compared to the expense of repairs to the dwelling once damage has occurred. Contact us today about this service.

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