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By | July 18, 2017

Honey Bees in Church Ceiling

In Judeo-Christian scripture, we read that God promised the Israelites a “land flowing with milk and honey”.

But, what do you think would have happened if the honey was literally flowing in the ceiling of one of the places of worship?

We suspect they’d have  1) Thanked God for starters but then 2) moved the honeybee colony to a better place of “sanctuary” for the bees.

We bring this up because honey bees (and honey!) in a church ceiling was a call we received last week.

In this post, we describe and show how Ryan solved the honeybee problem.

Today, the building is bee free and the honeybees have a brand new home from which their honey can flow.

Removal of a Honeybee Colony

Honeybees are extremely important for agriculture and provide us delicious honey.

Yet, as you may have heard over the last few years, honeybee populations have been decreasing due to a variety of causes.

Louisville Honeybee removal

As bee keepers and animal removers, we provide services for honeybee removal to help clients with honeybee problems and to give nice homes to wayward bees.  We truly try to make the situation a win-win for the humans and the bees.

So when a church discovered there was a honeybee colony living in the ceiling our services include:

  • Getting the bees out and giving them a new home
  • Making sure bees or other animals can’t get back in
  • Restoring/Repairing any areas accessed to get the bees out

Honeybee Removal Process

The following video shows how Ryan dealt with the honeybees in this church.  It is a good example of how we deal with colonies living in structures.

Honeybee removal from buildings often involves opening up a wall.

As Ryan mentioned in the video, the easiest way in this case was drywall removal from the inside.  This exposed the interior of the building to the majority of the bees which is why Ryan placed the plastic up.  That said, each case is different and is the result of a discussion.  Whether the wall is opened from the inside or the outside is based upon what is most practical for the given situation.

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If you live in the Akron, Canton, Kent, OH area and believe you have a honey bee problem, please contact Frontline Animal Removal and check out our other pages.

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