Honeybees from Wall

By | May 8, 2017

Honey Bee Removal from Wall

Honeybees are great!  They pollinate all kinds of plants and give us delicious honey.

But, when a colony of honeybees takes up residence in a home, they should be removed.  Here’s an example.

akron honey bee removalNot all honeybee colonies wind up living in the hollows of trees or those cozy man-made bee boxes.

Sometimes they end up living in void spaces in people’s homes.

This exterior wall, for example, was the recent residence of a honeybee colony.

Like a natural tree hollow, this colony found an opening and a nice protected spot.

After moving in, the colony got right to work building wax honeycomb and filling it with pollen and honey.

Getting Bees Out of the Wall

The solution for this honey bee problem is to:

  1. Remove the siding and expose it all
  2. Get the queen and most of the colony into a bee box
  3. Make sure all the comb and honey are cleaned up
  4. Put the exterior wall and siding back
  5. Seal the entry where the bees were getting in
  6. Take the colony to their new home

Ryan describes a recent removal in this video.

 Live Honeybee Removal | Akron, Canton, Kent

After removal, we believe the responsible thing to do is to give these honeybees a new home in another locale.

Please consider live removal rather than choosing a company that will just kill the honeybees.

We keep bees ourselves and have relationships with other beekeepers.  Honeybees have been on the decline in recent years and we want to do our part in helping as many survive as we can.

Ryan Kirk and bee colony

Call Today!

We think we are a good choice because, in the event of a cut-out, we have the ability to provide a very nice repair at the same time the colony is removed.

 If you live in the Akron, Canton, Kent, OH area and believe you have a honey bee problem, please contact Frontline Animal Removal and check out our other pages.

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