Identify a Raccoon with Tape

By | September 30, 2017

Animal Entry Monitoring

There is an opening of some shape or form that you believe may be allowing raccoons or squirrels or some other nuisance animal into your attic or other part of the house.

How can you be sure it’s an active entrance- that animals are currently coming in or out?

Today’s post presents a quick, cheap, and easy Do-It-Yourself tip to monitor a suspected entry point for a nuisance animal.

While we often employ the use of cameras to give us definitive knowledge of animal activities in suspect areas, we often use this low tech “trick of the trade” to guide our course of action too.

Hole Monitoring Trick of the Trade: Tape

By simply creating an obstruction with tape, you can easily see if something has gone in or out since installation.

Tape also catches pieces of hair giving more evidence and the ability to identify the animal.

In video below, Ryan used this method because to see if there were more raccoons still coming and going.

This is an important question because:

  • we don’t want to make a repair and seal an animal inside-that only leads to more problems!
  • an animal that uses that space could have been out of the space when the tape block was put in place but intends to return

If there is no activity for a reasonable amount of time, it prudent to make the repair to keep them out.


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