Meet Our Mole Trapper!

By | March 10, 2017

Moles Ruining Your Lawn?

Even though there is a fresh layer of snow over the ground this morning across the Akron, Canton, Kent area, the topic today is mole trapping!

We’ve not posted about mole trapping thus far in 2017 as we like to hold off trapping them until the freeze thaw cycle is over.

But, we can wait no longer…cue the trumpet fanfare…let Mole Trapping 2017 begin!

Honestly, trapping moles is still weather dependent.  Our enthusiasm, however, is not.   Spring is coming soon and so are yards damaged by moles.

Meet Our Mole Man Jeff

Mole Man OhioTherefore, we’d like to introduce you to Frontline Animal Removal’s mole trapping specialist: Jeff Briggs.

We hope you’ll meet him when you decide to get serious about stopping that lawn damage from moles and give us a call.  He’s a nice guy and an excellent mole trapper.

As you may have guessed from the name, Jeff is also the brother of Frontline Animal Removal’s Brian Briggs.  And, trapping runs in the blood.

Jeff actually started doing most of our mole trapping last year as his other responsibilities in life allowed.  And we’re happy to have him.  He may even tell you he taught Brian everything he knows…

Our customers will be happy to have Jeff on their mole jobs as well because he is experienced and knows what he’s doing.  He is a committed sort of guy.

In fact, once he decided to join us last year, you know what he did?  He made arrangements to go to Iowa for a one-on-one multi day class with a guy who makes his living as a mole trapper.  Believe us, Jeff was good at trapping moles before he went to Iowa.  He came back better.

Mole Trapping Begins

Stark Mole trappinIn fact, he got the itch (and favorable weather) last week so he decided to start a job.

This is the first picture from the first job of the 2017 mole trapping season.

Did we mention he knows what he’s doing?

On his next check, he caught two more moles from the same property.  They are pictured below.

If you’d like results like this with the mole problems in your Akron, Canton, or Kent area lawn, Jeff is a guy you’d like to have on the job.

Whether it be an education/equipment session to get you started on your own mole trapping adventure or you’d like him to remove the moles, his services are just a phone call away.

Call Today!

Mole Trappers | Mole Trapping | Stark, Summit, Portage County

Hartville Mole TrapperWe’d like to be your mole trappers in 2017.

We know moles can do a lot of damage with their digging and you might be at that point where enough is enough.  If you’re reached that point, give us a call to discuss your options.

We’ve been successful at helping Stark, Summit, and Portage County residents for years with their mole problems and, with the addition of Jeff to the team, we’re only getting better.

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