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Reclaim Your Yard with Mole Trapping and Management

Ever ask yourself

  • What are all these mounds of dirt in my yard?
  • What is making all these raised tunnels in my yard?
  • What is the best way to control moles in my yard?

If you believe there is a problem in your yard with moles…read on.

Frontline Animal Removal wants to be your local source for mole removal and mole trapping in the Akron / Canton / Kent, Ohio area.

For many of you, there is nothing more aggravating than investing sweat and money into a lovely yard only to have a mole or two come along and ruin that carpet of green perfection with webs of tunnels and piles of dirt.

mole trapping akron cantonThe downfall of creating a lush, green lawn is that it also serves as a mole smorgasboard. The healthier the lawn, the more likely the ground will contain lots of earthworms and other invertebrates to eat.  In turn, moles can become a real problem.  As they tunnel around looking for food, they create the visible damage that effects the grass.

Moles have incredible metabolisms, they need to eat constantly. If a mole goes without eating for more than a few hours, it could die of starvation. Moles are active nearly 24/7 365 days of the year.  We’ve read that under ideal conditions a mole can tunnel up to 18 feet per hour or about 430 feet a day all in its hunt for food!

Often homeowners see the vast network of tunnels in their yards and assume there must be moles everywhere throughout the yard. Usually it is just one or two moles creating all of that destruction. (Though we have caught up to 13 in just one tunnel!)


These moles were trapped right next to a sonic mole deterrant. A mole smoke bomb was also found and is in the picture. Which method works?

The only effective method for mole control is trapping. Poisons and preventative measures almost never have lasting effects. Treating for grubs alone is ineffective, as moles will gladly eat whatever else there is to eat.

Check out this Plain Dealer article from its 2011 “Ask the Expert” lawn and garden section.  Read it and you’ll see the author’s conclusion is that home remedies and poisons are ineffective.  If you want moles removed from your yard: trapping is the answer.

Frontline Animal Removal can help you get rid of the moles that are damaging your yard. We provide tried and true mole trapping methods- our version of organic, pesticide-free service. Give us a call or send us an email  to hear how Frontline Animal Removal can help you return your Akron / Canton / Kent, OH area lawn back to its pre-mole splendor .

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