Muskrat & Beaver Removal

Beaver & Muskrat Trapping & Removal

Akron / Canton / Kent, OH Area

Muskrat Trapping and Removal

A pond is a sanctuary for you and often represents a significant investment. Don’t let muskrats take over, place holes in your dam or banks, and clog up your drains and filters.

These pictures show some of the damage that a family of muskrats has inflicted on the banks of a pond.

Management calls for the removal of these muskrats and then monitoring of future activity.  Muskrats may indeed return from other waterways as new territory is sought.

Beaver Trapping and Removal

Akron CAnton Kent Beaver removalBeavers can drastically change your property and cause much damage.  With a diet of tender woody branches and the need to constantly chew, trees young and old are targets.

Beavers also crave deep water which means safety.  Creating their own deep water by building dams, they may (in a season’s time) turn the creek on your property into an unwanted pond.  “Busy as a Beaver” is no joke.

Preventative step like placing wire around trees can help, but sometimes the conflict with humans is too great and removal is necessary.

Many of our National, State, and Metro Parks here in Stark, Summit, and Portage Counties have welcomed beavers back because they are so cool.  Yet, they all have beaver management plans in place to balance their impact on the environments.

Often, there is a lot of damage all at once as a young beaver or two moves in to create a new territory, as you can read about in this blog.

Muskrat & Beaver Management for Akron, Canton, Kent, OH Area

Our waterways here in Northeast Ohio are great travel paths for muskrats and beavers.

Consequently, if you live by water, it is extremely likely that muskrats and beaver are near.

Often, they have established themselves in good places to live and cause no trouble.  Still, there are those occasions when territory expansion brings them into conflict with the humans over the development of a local ecosystem.

If beavers or muskrats are causing damage that you can’t tolerate anymore, please give us a call.

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