Muskrat Profile

By | March 16, 2017

Odd Muskrat Removal

Ryan was called to an odd muskrat job recently.  Why was it odd?  Because the muskrat was captured in a courtyard between apartment units rather than next to a pond or stream.

This muskrat was apparently out wondering when it somehow got down into a no-man’s-land between the deck and apartments.  Unable to get back up, it wondered around the perimeter scratching and tearing at window screens.

This destruction of the screens alerted residents to the muskrat’s presence and is why we were called.

Characteristically, the muskrat didn’t like Ryan and hid.  It worked its way up under one of the deck supports.  Ryan had to dig it out.

Here’s the video.

Another Muskrat Away From Water

muskrat trappingSurprisingly, the courtyard muskrat was not the only muskrat we’ve found away from water recently.

To the right is a picture of a muskrat that was removed from a garage.

How or why it got there, again, we’re not very sure.  In this instance there was a retention pond a few hundred yards away.  But, the muskrat had to have walked by other suburban lots with homes on them in order to get to this garage.

Muskrats thrive in water.  But, it seems that muskrats do roam from water a little farther than we previously gave them credit for.  At least we have two recent examples.

Nonetheless, expect to find muskrats near water.  That is where they most often become unwanted guests for homeowners with water on the property.

A Closer Look at the Muskrat

In order to learn more about muskrats, we encourage you to

  1. Watch Ryan’s video profile of the muskrat below
  2. Check out the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s profile of the muskrat.

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