Another Case for Removal

By | December 12, 2017

Remove Squirrels Prior to Repair

There are a number of sources on dealing with nuisance squirrels which advise those with a squirrel problem to block off the squirrels’ entrance point in order to solve the problem.

For example, our own ODNR Division of Wildlife (whom we greatly respect) gives this sort of advice on their Nuisance Wildlife Page.

If you go to this page and open the “Squirrels” tab you’ll see that getting them out and then sealing off the entry is the suggestion.

Here is our warning:

Kicking the squirrels out and attempting to keep them out is usually not effective!

What we’ve found many times is that squirrels who get shut out of a home just find another way in and cause more damage in the process.

In fact, thinking we can keep them out when they really, really want in doesn’t give them near enough credit.

We believe that REMOVAL prior to the sealing up process is very important.  This takes the conditioned squirrels (often a generational problem) out of the mix.  This gives the repair/exclusion of the entry point a much higher likelihood of preventing a reoccupation by squirrels.

Squirrels Damage Nice Work

Here is a recent video which exemplifies the point.

As Ryan points out, that was excellent work done on the home.  Still, the squirrels didn’t care and just worked around it.

This area of entry needs re-caulked and will look as good as new—AFTER the squirrels are removed.

In this case, Ryan placed a temporary block over this entry point and trapped the squirrels who called this home theirs at their main entry point on the other side of the house.

Once we are assured the squirrels are out, the house can be sealed up nicely again.

To reinforce the point, here is another video on the same subject we have posted previously.

Remove Squirrels Then Repair

Our tag line here at Frontline Animal Removal is:  Removal. Exclusion. Solution.  

We believe that removing an animal without a repair is not a true solution.

And, in turn, we believe that making a repair/exclusion without a removal is usually not a solution either.

Many nuisance wildlife solutions have two parts; removal and exclusion.

Squirrel Removal and Repair for Akron / Canton / Kent

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