Raccoon Attic Clean-Up

By | October 24, 2017

Raccoons Feces Piles Up

If you look at the picture to the right, you might wonder:

  • What’s in all the trash bags?
  • Why the bio hazard get-up for the nuisance animal remover?

The simple answer is: raccoon poop and insulation.

Recently, Frontline Animal Removal donned respirators and Tyvek suits as a raccoon clean-up job commenced.

The clean-up involved removing lots of raccoon poop and soiled insulation from an attic.

Apparently, the raccoons have been using this attic for multiple winters and really enjoyed their time there.

Like bats and flying squirrels, raccoons tend to do their business in the same places over and over again.  These areas are known as raccoon latrines or toilets.

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Another resource you’ll want to look at concerning raccoon latrines and their clean-up is from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

This helpful guide can be found here:

CDC's "Raccoon Latrines: Identification & Clean-Up

Raccoons Excluded from Attic

Prior to clean-up, the root cause of this mess in the attic needed addressed:  Raccoons were able to get in the attic.

So instead of just cleaning, Ryan located the areas where raccoons were able to access the attic and fixed them.

In this case, the raccoons were getting in where the soffit from a dormer met the main roof.  These access points were repaired and raccoon-proofed.

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The Raccoon Clean-Up

Having assured the raccoons could no longer get back in, getting the large amounts of raccoon pooh and the soiled insulation out of the attic was the other service we provided in this case.

It’s not the funnest job in the world for sure, but in this case it’s necessary.  Take a look.

Full Service Raccoon Removal for Akron, Canton, Kent

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If you’d like to raccoon proof your attic, we’d be happy to help.

We’ll also help clean-up areas that have been littered with bat, raccoon, or flying squirrel feces.

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