How To Get Raccoons Out of a Chimney

By | June 29, 2013

How To Get Raccoons Out of a Chimney

Frontline Animal Removal’s post today concerns removing raccoons from chimneys. (And provides pictures)

When the plan works out, the whole problem of raccoons living in the chimney is solved in a short time.

Though we have had small groups of mostly mature raccoons in chimneys during the winter, raccoons living in a chimney is typically the result of a mother raccoon giving birth.  The mother climbs into unsealed chimneys and makes a nest at the base of the chimney on the smoke shelf or any other flat part, like a clean-out.

Homeowners are often alerted to the problem by the strange sounds coming from the chimney once the babies are born.  Baby raccoons make a chittering sound, especially when mom is not around.  As they get older, they crawl over and around each other with little growls, scratches, and squeaks.  Needless to say, all of these sounds are disconcerting when coming from your chimney and you are trying to sleep. (Remember, raccoons are mostly nocturnal)

The Plan for Raccoon Chimney Removal:

  • show up during the day when the whole family, mom and kits, are home
  • place a specialized chimney trap into the top of the chimney
  • pester the adult raccoon from below to make her climb up into the chimney trap
  • remove the kits from below by hand
  • Clean the smoke shelf as necessary
  • Place a chimney cap

Here are a couple of photos describing some of the points above.


Raccoon in Chimney Trap

Good Photo Of Chimney Trap in Action


As this photo illustrates, a special chimney trap which fits standard flue sizes is lowered in place.  The piece of wood zip-tied to the trap keeps the trap positioned at the top of the flue.  Hinged pieces at the bottom of the trap fill the chimney so the raccoon climbs through the main opening.  Once the raccoon is so far into the trap, she can’t climb back down.

Raccoon Removal North Canton Ohio

Going back down is not an option.

This is a view from the top down after the raccoon has climbed up past the bottom door.  Loud sounds (music, banging, horns) or harassment of some kind causes her to climb up.

Raccoon in chimney trap

Raccoons are great climbers and chimney flues, though smooth- sided, are no problem.

Some people have trouble believing raccoons climb so well and would go down a chimney.  Believe us, they have no problems going up or down.  The urban and suburban Akron/Canton area raccoons have adapted well to chimneys; they’re like big hollow, warm trees.

Baby Raccoon in Chimney

Baby Raccoon Scurrying Away

After mother raccoon is secure, the babies need to be corralled.  They are usually small enough to be handled with a good set of bite-proof gloves.

Once all raccoons are captured, a chimney cap like the ones seen in the first photo are put in place.

For more general information on raccoon removal, visit our Raccoon Removal Page.

If you think there are raccoons in your chimney and you want the problem solved, contact Frontline Animal Removal today; we have the tools and experience to accomplish the job.

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