Raccoons in Chimneys

By | May 20, 2013

Raccoon Chimney Removal

A challenge for our blog readers…

Look closely…Can you find the raccoon in this picture?

chimney racoon

Click the picture to get a better view. Then click the magnifying glass over the left bottom.

We know it is not the easiest to make out.  But there is that distinctive “bandit mask” sticking out on the left side from the center.

What we believe this picture really shows is the agility of the raccoon.  Often, our clients (and even us) are amazed at the places raccoons will go.  Their climbing ability is surely described as gifted.  This raccoon wasn’t “stuck” it had climbed down there and was using it as a den.

Raccoon removal is about finding out the raccoons access point and then placing a trap at it.  In this case it is easy to figure out.  A specialized chimney trap we carry for raccoons will do the trick.

Any babies that may be present at this time of year will need to be located and removed as well.

Finally, the installation of a chimney cap like the following picture shows will help a recurrence of this raccoon in the chimney problem.

Chimney Cap Raccoon Prevention

A chimney cap prevents further raccoon problems.

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