Raccoon Damages Roof Vent

By | February 7, 2017

Persistent Raccoon Damages Roof Vent

Raccoons are great climbers, very dexterous, curious, and smart.  They adapt well in the urban and suburban environment and are, therefore, a very common nuisance animal in the Akron / Canton / Kent area.

Whether we realize it or not, raccoons are around all of us.  They are on the move in every neighborhood here in Summit, Stark, and Portage counties, looking for good sources of food and shelter.

Why do they move into some homes and not others?  In a word, opportunity.

Often there is something inviting about the home that draws the raccoon in.  Easy roof access, a loose piece of building material, etc…

Today’s blog features two videos where Ryan discusses a raccoon problem.

As he explains in the first video, a raccoon accessed a roof and eventually got into an attic.

In this case, the raccoon was getting in and out of the attic by way of a roof vent.  An inspection revealed that this raccoon bent the metal of the roof vent enough that it was able to get in and out.

Prior to it making entry there, however, there are also signs that it tried to get in the gable vent and explored the soffit.  There is raccoon damage in both of these places.

Take a look.

Raccoon Damage Exposed

A determined raccoon sure can do a lot of damage!

The soffit, the fascia, and the vent were all damaged by the raccoon and will need repaired. Not good news for the homeowner.

But, this raccoon problem is not too difficult to solve as the next video shows.

Having identified the travel path the raccoon is using, trapping the raccoon is accomplished by placing a temptingly baited trap right in the path of travel.

The raccoon finds a delicious and easily attained feast and removal is accomplished.

Attic Invading Raccoon Captured

Once the offending raccoon is captured, the repairs can be made.

Fixing all the damaged areas on the roof will protect the structure from the elements and other curious animals.

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