Raccoon Proof Vents

By | June 21, 2017

Stop Raccoons Getting in at Vents

raccoons in roof ventRoof vents are a favorite spot for raccoons to get into attics.   Because of this, keeping them out can be difficult once they’ve determined your vent is a good spot to get in.

Roof vents are great and necessary for ventilation, but, it is a hole in the roof!  The air currents coming out seem to attract curious animals like raccoons.  When raccoons want in, they’ll find a way in.  We do have solutions, so keep reading.

Keeping them out is difficult because raccoons are strong enough to damage most common vents.  Aluminum and plastic are common roof vent materials and we’ve seen raccoons go through them even when installed correctly and not damaged.

Of course, damaged or improperly installed vents make it even easier for raccoons to get in.  Letting an issue with a vent go unfixed is nearly an open invitation for raccoons to move in.

Examples of the Problem: Vent Raccoons

Since raccoons are very strong, attempts to stop them need to account for their strength and dexterity.  Too often, vent manufacturers and homeowners just don’t seem to give raccoons the respect they deserve.

For example, take a look at this video where Ryan shows a couple of vents being used by raccoons.

Initially, the raccoons pushed up the metal of the vent and squeezed their way through into this attic.  Then, after our inspection revealed what the entry points were, someone else tried to stop them by screwing some wire mesh over the vent.  This did not work…

Solutions for Vent Raccoons

So, how do you stop raccoons from getting in the vents?

We believe it is by trapping the offenders and by making sure the vents are really raccoon proofed.

Ryan accomplishes both of these tasks by being very creative with a heavy duty wire.

First, he uses the wire to modify his trap so that the raccoon using the vent is captured and removed.

Then, he makes raccoon proof roof vent covers and installs them over the vents.  This will prevent future raccoons from using the vents to get into the attic.

Here’s the video.

Full Service Raccoon Removal for Akron, Canton, Kent

raccoon damaged roof ventWe strive to be the go-to full service nuisance animal removal company in the Stark, Summit, Portage County, OH area.

We can remove your nuisance animals for sure, but we can also do the guaranteed repair work in an extremely professional manner.

If you’d like to raccoon proof your attic fan or other vents, we’d be happy to help.

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