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By | June 8, 2017

Raccoon Video Blogs

It’s been a busy spring for raccoon removal!

Here in the Akron, Canton, Kent area there is a very healthy raccoon population.  This is evident by the number of raccoon mothers that enter buildings and give birth inside them.

Ryan has been in all kinds of void spaces in homes, apartments, and office buildings gathering raccoons.  He even spent some time getting a litter of raccoons out of the bowels of an electrical substation which was a first.

Sometimes the jobs were straightforward while other times the raccoons threw some curve balls.  When that happened, he used some different tactics to get the job done.

And while there is no way to share video of every job, Ryan does use the camera phone and GoPro to show blog readers and our YouTube Channel Subscribers some interesting things about raccoon removal.

An Invitation to View

Today’s post is an invitation to view some of Ryan’s Raccoon Removal Videos from this spring.

They are presented for educational purposes so that homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers can see what some the raccoon removal process entails.  Ryan also offers tips.

Below are three examples.

But, there are more where they came from!  If you find the examples below informative, please check out more raccoon removal videos on our YouTube Channel.

Raccoon Removal Videos

Video #1

This video is indicative of what Ryan encounters when he gets up into an attic to gather up baby raccoons.  Crawling around on floor joists amid insulation and wires is a challenge.  Add in a number of baby raccoons and a lurking mother raccoon and the challenge increases.

Video #2

In this video, Ryan points out that tactics have to change based on the animals’ reactions.  This raccoon was wary of the easy trapping methods.  This prompted a change of tactics for raccoon removal success.

Video #3

In this last example, Ryan gives a tip for using the mother raccoon to lure out the young ones.  Again, this is just a tactic that is employed sometimes based on the particulars of the raccoon removal job.

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As the videos demonstrate, we have a lot of experience and are ready base the tactics on the situation.

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