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Akron / Canton / Kent Raccoon Removal

Solving Nuisance Raccoon Problems

If you are looking for raccoon removal in the Akron/Canton/Kent, Ohio area you have found the website of a company that knows raccoon removal!

We see a lot of:

  • Raccoons in chimneys
  • Raccoons in attics and garages

    raccoon from chimney

    February 2014 Raccoon

  • Raccoons living under decks and porches
  • Raccoons living in soffits
  • Trash marauding raccoons
  • Yard-destroying, grubbing raccoons
  • Sick raccoons

If you are having a raccoon problem, please give us a call.  We have the experience and tools  to efficiently help solve the problem.

The Frontline Animal Removal staff is skilled at locating and removing raccoons from  your property. With more than 25 years of experience, and thousands of raccoons  caught during regular trapping season, we are able to rapidly and efficiently remove these nuisance animals.

Once this work is done, Frontline Animal Removal will perform the exclusion work/repairs necessary to guarantee this problem will not arise again.

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And, don’t forget to look through our many videos on raccoon removal!  We may have a video that answers your question.

Raccoon Removal Videos


When you have nuisance control needs, remember Frontline Animal Removal will be there to help.