Red Squirrel Removal Challenge

By | October 11, 2017

Red Squirrels from Attic

What is Ryan’s least favorite species to deal with?  As you’ve probably guessed from the title, it’s Red Squirrels.

akron red squirrelNot too many people are super familiar with the red squirrel because there aren’t a crazy amount of them here in our Akron, Canton, Kent area neighborhoods.

By far, the gray squirrel is more numerous here in Northeast Ohio.  And, we’re also not talking about the reddish-hued, larger fox squirrel of which we have strong populations.

These small squirrels prefer the woods; especially woods with a lot of pine trees. But, when provided with opportunity, they will move into people’s homes.

When they do move in, they can present a challenge for a would-be animal remover.

They are challenging because it is sometimes difficult to locate where they are getting in.  And, once the access is identified, it is often in hard-to-reach places.

For example, in this video Ryan is very high on a roof for red squirrel removal.  He’s there because a mother red squirrel found access into an attic through an uncapped ridge vent.  Once there she proceeded to have a litter of young.  The little red squirrels grew and became noisy.  This alerted the homeowners.

Red Squirrel Removal

canton red squirrel trapRed squirrels are opportunistic.  They normally don’t just chew in as readily as gray squirrels will do, but if they find a small opening they’ll exploit it.  Mimicking a tree hollow, the uncapped ridge vent that mother squirrel moved into seemed a great choice.

The end of this cap was missing; making red squirrel entry into the attic super easy. There are no signs of chewing or other squirrel damage.

Removal of these squirrels is accomplished with setting up a trap over the exit of the nest (the uncapped ridge vent).  With some forming and securing of wire, Ryan was able to funnel the squirrels right into the trap when they exited.  Once the squirrels exited, they went into the trap but can’t get back in to the attic.  Ryan caught the mom the first day and the baby red squirrels the next day.

Red Squirrel Removal and Repair

Though we don’t get as many calls for red squirrels as we do gray squirrels and flying squirrels, they do sometimes make a nuisance of themselves and move in.

red squirrel trappingLike with the other squirrels, we use a two phase approach.

First, we catch the ones that are living in your structure and remove them.  Then, we make repairs so that squirrels do not get back in.

Often times, squirrels come in to conflict with humans moving into homes because there is some minor, unaddressed repair issue that invites them in like the missing end of a ridge vent. Keeping squirrels out is often accomplished by making areas of entry are shored up.

Red Squirrel Removal for Akron, Canton, Kent, Alliance

If red squirrels have moved in to your house and you’d like them out…give us a call.

Call Today!

We definitely take more calls about the other species of squirrels we have here in the area, but red squirrels get into people’s homes too.

If they get into your, know there is a locally owned and operated squirrel removal company that can find a solution for you.  Even if they can be , “a pain in the butt”.

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