Repair Squirrel Damage

By | July 9, 2017

Fixing Squirrel Damage

At Frontline Animal Removal, we do two things for customers in the Akron, Canton, Kent area:

  1. We remove unwanted pests & wild animals from people’s homes
  2. We make repairs/modifications to homes affected by pest animals as prevention

Since it’s in our name: animal removal is a given.

Yet, in the industry of nuisance animal removal, the actual removal of nuisance wild animals is only half of the battle.

Today, we again highlight the under-looked facet of solutions for pest animal problems; the repair.

An Example of Squirrel Repairs

The repair of animal damage is arguably even more important than the actual animal removal as the repair or exclusion keeps future animals out.

squirrel chew through wood and aluminum

Squirrels moving in can happen to almost anyone.  The trick is to deal with these squirrels through removal and repair so that the problem doesn’t become an on-going one.

For example, the pictures to the left shows a squirrel hole that was chewed through aluminum and wood.

Trapping the offending squirrels out is important.  But, fixing this hole the right way prevents future animals (and water) from getting into the structure.

The first step to any squirrel problem is to get rid of the squirrels.  Faced with this situation, Frontline Animal Removal will find the squirrels’ entry points and begin the squirrel removal process.

If the squirrels are not removed, they will work very hard to get back in.

So, once you have the pest squirrels managed through trapping and removal, it is time to make a nice repair.

fixed squirrel chew hole

Too often, repair/exclusion is done without removal and the squirrels work their way right back in to what they view as a safe habitat.

Frontline Animal Removal makes proper repair work a huge priority.

In this example the squirrels were all removed and then the repair which is shown at the right was made.

If the animals are removed from a house, but the house isn’t correctly repaired and sealed after the removal, the animals (and the elements) will find their way right back into a home.

More Akron, Canton, Kent Animal Repairs

canton, ohio squirrel hole

fixed squirrel hole

Here is another set of before and after pictures of animal damage repairs.

After an animal problem is addressed, a good looking repair is necessary.

We and other quality animal removal companies don’t have to do the repair, but we are experienced, competitively priced, and guarantee our work.

By choosing an animal removal company that makes great repairs as well, you’ll save the hassle of finding a separate contractor for repairs.

We guarantee we’ll do it right!

Akron, Canton, Kent Squirrel Repairs

If you live in the Akron / Canton / Kent , Ohio and are in need of professional animal removal AND animal damage repairs please give us a call today!

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