Repairing Woodpecker Holes

By | March 6, 2017

How to Repair Woodpecker Holes

Stark Bird ControlWoodpeckers make holes in wood on and around people’s homes. Why? Biologists tell us they do it to attract mates, establish territory, find food, and make spots in which to live.

Whatever the cause, woodpecker holes in your property are unsightly and can lead to more animal problems.

So what do you do with a woodpecker hole?  How do you repair it?

We’re glad you asked because Ryan made this video just for you.  Enjoy.

Woodpecker Removal?

Having viewed “How to Repair Woodpecker Damage”, maybe you are wondering why we didn’t start with how to remove woodpeckers in the first place.

We didn’t start with it because we don’t have any video or pictures of us removing woodpeckers—because we don’t do it!

Why?  We don’t remove woodpeckers because they are federally protected (as are most birds).

Generally speaking, woodpeckers are not allowed to be removed, killed, or otherwise harmed even if they have become a nuisance.

In extreme cases, property owners are allowed to petition the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife or the U.S. Department of Agriculture APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) for a special license/permit.  But, before either of these agencies would issue a permit, you can be sure they will suggest habitat modification first.

Thus habitat modification, non-harmful harassment, and making repairs is what we recommend to people with woodpecker problems.

Habitat modifications for woodpeckers include covering areas of damage with netting, mesh, or metal.

Non-harmful harassment includes noise making, hanging of shiny objects, and the use of all kinds of predator facsimiles.

Making repairs restores the property after the woodpecker has already moved on.

Bird Removal for Akron, Canton, Kent

While woodpeckers are protected, the big three nuisance birds which are considered invasive and have no protections are:

  • Starlings
  • English Sparrows
  • Pigeons

If you have these birds or their nests and they are a nuisance, give us a call.

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