Ridge Vent Squirrels

By | January 26, 2018

Squirrels and Ridge Vents

Recently, we received an email from a blog reader who asked us, “Are you saying that squirrels do not get in through the ridge vents?

This question was posed after reading a post about Squirrels and Roof Vents we published last February.  In that post, we described that part of the solution for squirrels for home in question was to remove the attic pod vents since the house also had a ridge vent.

Our answer to the reader’s question is a definitive, “No.”  It was a good question, however, and leads to today’s post.

Squirrels Can and Do Get into Attics Through Ridge Vents

Squirrels, especially red squirrels and flying squirrels, often find their way into attics through ridge vents.

To underscore that point, here is a picture Ryan recently snapped while performing a squirrel inspection.

As you can see to the left, squirrels definitely breach ridge vents!

This particular squirrel chewed the shingle cap at one end of this ridge vent in order to gain access to the attic.

The picture to the right shows what the other end of this particular ridge vent looks like.  It is included because it shows the opening that the squirrel found inviting and the style of ridge vent that was installed in this case.

Ridge Vent Squirrels

What makes a particular ridge vent inviting to squirrels?  It seems to be a combination of bad luck and ridge vent style.

In our experience, some ridge vents are more prone to squirrel intrusion because of styling/design.  Though fairly standard in new construction, ridge vents are a relatively new way to ventilate roofs: only becoming widely used in the last 20-30 years.  Over this relatively short time of use, ridge vent styles and their manufacturing have evolved.

starling in atticWe find the least susceptible ridge vents are low profile vents that don’t have any exposed openings unlike the one visible above.  Most ridge vents being installed today are like this.

The most susceptible ridge vents are high profile ridge vents and those with larger, unscreened openings.

Ridge vents like the one to the left are notorious for having their end caps pop out and go missing.  We’ve found some over the years where installers even “forgot” to put the caps in place.

What is apparent to us in the nuisance animal control industry is that ridge vent designers, manufacturers, and installers did not usually consider nuisance squirrels.

If you are having your home re-roofed, make sure that you and the installers consider nuisance animals when deciding which ridge vent to go with.

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If squirrels, birds, or bats have already exploited the weakness in your ridge vent, call us for a solution.

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We will remove the animals and offer a solution to make your ridge vent more animal-proof.

Also, please refer to the other posts which deal with nuisance animals and ridge vents.

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