Roof Damaging Raccoon

By | March 20, 2017

Raccoon and Water in the Attic

What’s worse–The sound of some animal crawling around in the attic or visible water damage on the ceiling and wall?

Sort of a loaded question…both options stink and in many cases they are tied together.

Solutions for both raccoon and water intrusion are needed when this sort of thing happens.  And that’s what this post is about.

Take, for example, the hole next to Ryan’s boot.  It’s big enough for raccoon access. And, it provides plenty of access to water.

Raccoons and water definitely need to kept on the other side of the roof!!!

Letting either of these destructive forces into the attic is a going to cause a homeowner nightmares.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Raccoons often cause damage when they get into attics, just like this one did.  They can pull and tear and work their way in if given the opportunity.

Often times, opportunity presents itself in the form of a maintenance issue left unaddressed.

In this case we suspect the raccoon started at the caulking around the pipe and peeled its way back.  Sometimes, little things like that are all that is necessary for a raccoon to get in.  Water damaged areas are often weakened and the raccoon has an even easier time of it.

Looking at this area reveal two problems: 1) the raccoon living in the attic space and 2) the hole in the roof.

Suspicious homeowner’s should investigate noises or water damage ASAP.  This usually means someone has to get up on the roof and get a good look at what’s going on.  If you have a high suspicion there is an animal involved, we recommend starting with a nuisance animal remover rather than a roofer.

Step 2: Remove the Raccoon

uniontown raccoon trapperAssuming there’s no torrential downpour in the forecast, the next step to solve this problem is raccoon removal.

This picture shows how Ryan made his raccoon set.

He placed a wire cover over the hole(darker wire) with the only opening pointing up the roof’s slope.  Then he attached a double door trap (silver wire) to this funneling hole cover.  The trap itself is set on plywood so the roof isn’t scratched up by the trapped raccoon and so the trap can be attached firmly to the roof.

Hartville Ohio Raccoon trapperWhether the raccoon is going in or out, the wire and trap configuration dictates that the only way the raccoon can go is through the trap.

The raccoon brushes the wire triggers in the middle of the double door trap and the doors slam shut.

Ryan sometimes tosses a little bait (in this case a couple of marshmallows) in the trap as a diversionary tactic meant to persuade trap shy raccoons.  But, with this set-up, bait is not the critical element.

What is critical is raccoon movement. The way this is set up, if the raccoon wants in or out of that hole it must go through the trap.

For this to be successful the raccoon can’t have another entrance.   Another entrance would receive a similar trap.

The last thing to consider is if this raccoon is by itself or with others.  Raccoons that were born last year still team up with litter mates so there is  a chance there will be more than one.  Leaving the traps in place for a short time even after capturing one is often a good practice.  And depending upon when you are reading this, don’t neglect to consider babies.  Raccoons haven’t given birth yet this spring, but starting next month and continuing into the summer, babies could be present. An examination of the the raccoon captured informs us to the presence of babies.

Step 3:  Repair the Hole

animal damage repair ohioOnce all the animals are out a good repair is necessary.  A good repair is one that keeps out raccoons and water.

That being said, there are permanent repairs and temporary repairs.

What you see to the right is a temporary repair.

Repairs are based on the homeowner’s needs, desires, budget, and plans.

A permanent repair in this case is to 1) remove a lot of shingles 2) replace the roof decking that is damaged 3) re-install tar paper (or ice guard if desired) 4) install a boot over the pipe (x2) and 5) re-install shingles.

This temporary repair of sheet metal, affixed and caulked well, will get by until the job is done the proper way.

Fixing all the damaged areas on the roof will protect the structure from the elements and other curious animals.

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