More Than Just Nuisance Animal Removal

Frontline Animal Removal’s tagline is: “Removal. Exclusion. Solution.”  We try to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients when it comes to their nuisance wildlife problems.  Of course we remove nuisance animals, but we do much more to provide true resolution to problems.

Services we offer are:

Please see the specific pages for more details (and pictures) or check out the brief descriptions below.


If you have a problem or a question; give Brian a call.    If you didn’t have a question, your probably wouldn’t be reading this.  330-437-5795.

Animal Capture and Removal

Trapping and removing nuisance wildlife with the most efficient and cost-effective methods, we will conduct an inspection, advise and then set traps to remove problem animals. Frontline Animal Removal will capture and remove most lawn, house, outbuilding, and pond intruders. All animals are trapped humanely and according to state law.    See more…

Exclusion/Prevention Services

Once the animals have been captured and removed, half the battle has been won. Frontline Animal Removal will then advise you what needs to be done so no other animals gain access to structures on your property.

In the industry, we use the term exclusion.  Repairs, screens, vent replacement, chimney caps, tree trimming, installation of wire around decks and foundations, etc. are all actions that can be taken to prevent the problem from happening again.   See more…

Repair of Animal Damage to Homes

Once the animals are gone, repairs often need completed.  Often the animals exploit areas that needed repair in the first place.  We are skilled in making repairs and guarantee our work.  See more…

Dead Animal Removal

Sometimes animals that are sick or injured will crawl inside of walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces and die. Not only is the sight of a dead animal unpleasant, the terrible odor from the carcass can invade your living and work spaces. If you suspect a dead animal is fouling the air in your home or at your work, give us a call. We’ll go in search of the animal and remove it .  Usually within minutes of the dead animal’s removal the offensive smell will begin to dissipate.   See more…

Gutter Clean Out

Clogged gutters often contribute to an animal’s ability to gain access to the interior of a home; squirrels and raccoons in particular. When gutters are unable to properly drain, the water backs up and runs down the fascia board. Over time the fascia board begins to rot and soften. Squirrels love soft/rotten wood because it is easy to chew through. Squirrels chew through the rotten wood and nest inside of attics or walls. If the water damage is severe, raccoons have been known to peel off rotten soffits and fascia boards and take over an attic space.    See more…

Maintenance Trapping & Education

Some animals like moles and muskrats cannot be entirely prevented.  They visit and damage yards and ponds because they are looking for good habitat.  You may want us to trap these animals on a recurrent basis; maintenance trapping a few times a year to keep problems in check.

Or maybe you want to learn how to do it yourself.  We would be happy to work in a consultation/educational partnership with you using our experience to help reduce your learning curve.  See more…