Shifting Chimneys & Nuisance Animals

By | May 17, 2017

Chimney Shifting & Nuisance Animals

Flying squirrels, bats, and other nuisance animals are well known to take advantage of small gaps on a home’s exterior.

A favorite gap that we find bats and flying squirrels using is one created when a chimney shifts away from a home’s exterior.  When chimneys shift away from homes, gaps that didn’t exist when the home was sided are created.

Bats and flying squirrels love to take advantage of these situations.  As such, this chimney/home connection area gets attention during investigatory inspections.

To the right is the area where the squirrels were getting in.  It is also the kind of place bats could easily use.

Some flimsy caulk is all that stands in the way of animal entry.

Video | Flying Squirrel Removal & Repair

In the following video, Ryan shows an example of a shifted chimney that attracted the attention of some flying squirrels.  Take a  look.

Remove the Squirrels & Fill the Gap

As you saw in the video, the gap at the chimney/house connection had become problematic!

The homeowner needs to keep an eye on this gap and/or consult a mason.  As a nuisance animal removal company our job is to:

  1. Identify where the animals are getting in
  2. Remove the animals
  3. Provide a repair that keeps the squirrels out and looks good too

And that’s what Ryan did.

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