Skunk Mating Season

By | February 8, 2018

Skunk Mating Season

February typically sees an increase in calls for skunk removal.  Why?

Skunk removal calls increase because February is the time of year when skunk mating season begins.

It is pretty uncommon to run across or smell skunks in December and January.  But now that it’s mid-February, the odds of you smelling a skunk in an Akron / Canton / Kent area neighborhood or along the roadway dramatically increases.

During February in Northeast Ohio:

  • Skunks begin to leave their dens much more frequently
  • The male skunks’ first order of business through February and into March is mating
  • The male skunks’ increase their ranges dramatically looking for mates.  They are on the move!  This dramatically increase the instances of car versus skunk and pet versus skunk, prompting more notice.
  • Skunks spray when around each other this time of year.  Females who are not yet ready to breed let the males know they are uninterested with a squirt.  Male skunks spritz other males in territorial/mate scuffles.
  • It seems there is general excitement in the normally sedate skunk world and they seem more willing to let it fly.

Skunk Removal from Trap

This week a homeowner caught a skunk UNDER the home.  This is not the ideal place for a skunk to potentially spray for sure.

Ryan went out to remove the skunk without spraying!  Check out how he did it.

Moving slowly and cautiously, Ryan first removed the skunk from under the home.  Then, he transferred the skunk from the owner’s trap to ours and took it away.

No more problem skunk.

Help with Problem Skunks in Canton, Kent & Akron

If you haven’t smelled a skunk yet this year, be alert! It’s a smell coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  And when you do smell your first skunk of 2018 in the next few weeks, you’ll remember who warned you and, more importantly, you’ll understand why it happened around this time.

If you, your car, or your pet is unfortunate enough to have a direct encounter with the business end of a skunk, check out our post on removing the odor of skunk here.

And, if you are fairly certain you have skunks residing on your property and would like some help in the Akron, Canton, Kent Ohio area, please contact us.

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Also, please look at our main skunk removal page for more information on dealing with nuisance skunks.

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