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Frontline Animal Removal Offers Skunk Trapping and Removal

We have helped numerous clients in the Akron/Canton/Kent region with their skunk problems and we would like to help you too.

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One of the most frequent skunk problem we help homeowner’s with is a skunk caught in a trap being used for groundhogs.

If you have a skunk in a trap:

  1. Don’t shoot it!  It will most likely spray & discharging a firearm may be illegal where you live.
  2. Don’t leave it in the trap too long!  Heat and the stress of exposure during daylight hours causes skunk to leak.
  3. Let the skunk out of the trap if you are able.  This is the no cost way.  Do this slowly and calmly.  Utilize a cover.
  4. Call a pro!  We’ll be happy to let it out or take it away; your choice.

One of three skunks caught under a porch

Though unaggressive and quiet creatures, skunks have earned a bad reputation because of their defense mechanism: their wonderfully unique scent.


Trapping Skunks?

If you would like us to trap skunks from your property, we ask you to consider whether trapping is the right solution.  Do you really have a skunk problem?

We often take calls from people who see or smell a skunk once and call.  Remember, we must charge a set fee to place traps and check them.  Then there is a cost for each pickup of a captured animal.

Catching a skunk that is not denning on your property is a gamble, at best, due to their vagabond nature.

  • Do you see the skunks every day?
  • Have you seen it going in and out of a den?

If you answered no to the above questions, having us set traps is probably a waste of your money.  Odds are we will catch a skunk eventually but will probably catch raccoons and oppossums before that.  More time spent on the job for us means a higher cost to you.

Skunks are in every neighborhood here in Northeast Ohio!  And most of the time they are not problematic.

Seeing skunks once in a while is a given for most of us.  If you are out past dark or get up before the sun, there is a much higher likelihood that you’ll see a skunk.

But, they rarely cause problems because they usually don’t move into people’s homes the way squirrels and raccoons do.

Nuisance animal removal is about targeting animals that have truly become a nuisance. We strongly discourage random, outside trapping for any species.  What’s the point? Sure, there are always animals to be caught, but what will stop more from coming back to a backyard or neighborhood?  The answer is nothing.

But, if you are seeing a skunk in a particular place every day or have found a den in/under/around your  property, then you might have a potentially stinky problem.  This kind of situation is one where we believe trapping is a benefit and not a waste of your money.

Some Skunk Tidbits

Interested in a very informing and entertaining video on skunks?  Check out this Nature episode on skunks.  Most telling for us is the number of dens a particular skunk in the video uses.

If a skunk has already sprayed, it has generally encountered a pet or unsuspecting person. They also smell (due to leakage) when they are sick, injured, or deceased.

To deodorize your pet , your clothes, or some property we suggest you forget the tomato juice recipes and high-dollar skunk specific products.  Use our “How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Solution” blog post.