Snake Removal

Akron / Canton / Kent Snake Removal

Taking Care of a Snake Problem

You may not believe it, or like it, but snakes are good to have around your home. Snakes eat the rodents that can cause massive destruction to your home. Snakes cannot cause damage to your home like other animals can. They can’t chew their way into your home, and they can’t dig under structures.

There are only three species of venomous snake found in Ohio and are not expected in Northeast Ohio.   The are the Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Your chances of coming across one of these venomous varieties in Northeast Ohio is very rare.

If you have found a snake or snakes in your home, please don’t panic as it is in all likelihood not a threat to you at all.

The presence of a snake may be an indicator of a rodent problem because the snakes go where the food is. Or, it could just be that the snake was looking for some place drier, warmer, or cooler based on its comfort needs.

If you discover a snake in your home and would like it removed, Frontline Animal Removal can assist.  Please give us a call immediately before it slithers away.