Coming Soon: Young Squirrels

By | August 14, 2017

Baby Squirrels Return

Spring is often associated with the birth of wild animals for good reason.

In fact, most of the nuisance animals we remove from people’s homes give birth in the first half of the year and typically only have one litter per year.

Bats, raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, moles (usually), and beavers are species we deal with that only have one litter per year.

Squirrels and muskrats, on the other hand, are nuisance species that usually have more than one litter per year.

We point this out right now (mid-August) because all 4 squirrel species in Ohio give birth, AGAIN, from late July through September.

For some Canton, Akron, Kent area homeowners, the presence of baby squirrels in August/September comes as a real surprise.

Baby Squirrels Are Back

canton akron squirrel removal

Squirrel removal at this time needs to take into account the possibility that babies (in different stages of development) are present.

Gray squirrel babies may be present, but since they develop slowly, they don’t leave the nest.  Born hairless and with their eyes closed, a lot of homeowners aren’t alerted to their presence by noises for 6 to 10 weeks.

Therefore, presence of babies should not be overlooked as they are not going to be noticeable right now.

Often times, the mother squirrel entering and exiting the den is the only sign of a litter of squirrels present.

When we remove squirrels like the one in the picture, the squirrel is examined to learn more.

Is this a male or female squirrel?  If it’s a female, is she lactating?

Obviously, a lactating female squirrel indicates the presence of a litter.  A plan for locating the babies and removing them needs made.

Squirrel Removal Plan

A complete plan for squirrel removal includes:

  1. Locating entrances and exits
  2. Removing all the squirrels using this spot as a home (including babies)
  3. Making repairs to restore the home and prevent new squirrels

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