Squirrel Exposes Bigger Problem

By | January 23, 2017

Opportunistic Squirrel Living in Wall

Last week we received a call from a concerned homeowner who thought there was an animal in an upstairs closet.

Ryan went to investigate and found a piece of cardboard taped over a hole in the drywall in the closet.

When he peeled back the cardboard, he found a hole in the drywall and a leafy nest.  The cardboard had been chewed on and Ryan could see a squirrel was not far away from getting into the closet.

This slideshow shows what he found:

That was the bad news found on the inside.

The next step was to put up the ladder and do some inspecting on the outside.

What Ryan found was a gaping hole and a lot of water damage: more bad news for the homeowner.

Take a look:

Squirrels and Water Damage

As you can see in these pictures, a significant hole exists on the exterior of this home.

There is evidence of squirrel damage and also evidence of a lot of water damage.  We suspect that the water damage existed prior to the squirrel damage and that the squirrel merely took advantage of the opportunity.

 This scenario of an animal taking advantage of a home’s existing damage is very common in the world of nuisance animal removal.  We find many instances where animals get in because some building element was missing, rotted, or improperly installed.  Water damage is a common cause.

In this case, the water damage is only getting worse.  The aluminum corner piece is missing and the wood siding underneath is gone.  This not only encourages squirrels to get in; it compounds the problem with the water.

To see the extent of the damage and if the water is coming from higher up the wall/roof, this area will eventually need to be disassembled and assessed further.  It could turn out to be a big, yet needed, repair.

Short Term Plan: Squirrel Removal

In the short term, the squirrels need removed so that they do not cause any more damage or enter the living quarters.

This  is accomplished by attaching a trap over the entry way while the squirrels are “home”.

When the squirrel exits the nest, there is only one way to go: into the trap.

If the squirrel relocated on its own, this system blocks off their entry as well assuring the squirrel can’t get inside.

As the pictures show, blocking the area off and setting up a trap in this spot requires Ryan to create and arts and crafts project with wire.

Long Term Plan: Stop Water and Repair Area

After the squirrel is dealt with, the house still needs repaired.

As mentioned earlier, to get a real handle on where the water emanates, the area will need some further disassembly.

The repair could end up being more complicated if the water is running down the wall from the roof area.

Our job is to communicate what we find and give the homeowner options.  In this case, at a minimum, Ryan will place a temporary patch on the spot before we leave.

But, as a full service nuisance animal removal company that offers animal removal and animal damage repair, we are also willing to be a part of a permanent and proper solution.

Squirrel Removal and Repair for Akron / Canton / Kent

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