Problem Recognition

By | November 20, 2017

Identifying the Real Problem

Sure there are squirrels running around the attic and you want them out.

Indeed, squirrels in the attic is a problem.

But, are the squirrels themselves the heart of the problem?  Will removing the squirrels provide a long-term solution?

In today’s post, we reiterate one of the foundations of nuisance animal removal: the repair or exclusion that keeps future animals out of a home is critical to the achievement of a long-term animal removal problem.

Removing the offending animals is an important step, BUT making modifications to keep future animals out is imperative for a honest-to-goodness solution of the problem.

Keeping Nuisance Animals Out is Key

Ryan recently was called on to remove some red squirrels that were running around in the ceiling and walls of a home.

Hartville squirrel removalWhen he arrived, he looked over the house and spoke with the homeowner (as he typically does) and found where the squirrels were going in and out of the house at the corners of two dormers.

In formulating a solution for this house and its squirrel issue, his attention then became focused on the areas where the squirrels were getting in.

This all seems pretty logical doesn’t it?  We sure think so.

But, apparently not all in our industry do.

Ryan learned a couple of other nuisance animal removal companies/persons have been out in the past to “solve” the problem, but had only trapped and removed some squirrels.  The areas where the squirrels had free access to the attic were not addressed.  This is perplexing to us.

Simply trapping some squirrels may have provided some short-term relief, but the squirrels eventually were back.  We don’t believe this is a real solution.

This video explains the situation in more detail.

Removal. Exclusion. Solution.

We strongly believe that repairs and exclusions are often as important as the animal removal itself.

Though this repair/prevention work doesn’t always get top billing and some companies may choose to neglect it , repair work is one of the most vital requirements of achieving long-term solutions for nuisance animal problems.

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