Squirrel-Proof Attic Vents

By | February 3, 2017

Is There a Squirrel Proof Attic Vent?

Ventilation is a must for roofs.

In fact, proper venting helps keep heating and cooling bills stable and increases the longevity of the roof.

But, since you do put holes in the roof to install vents, there is a risk for animals like squirrels to get into the attic through the vents.

This begs the question, is there a squirrel-proof attic vent?

Well…yes and no.  Not the straightforward answer you were looking for?  Sorry, but please read on and we promise the video below will show at least one way to deal with vents that makes them squirrel-proof.

Squirrels Sometimes Chew Through Vent Covers

Your typical aluminum roof vents, like the ones shown to the right, are mostly squirrel resistant right out the box.

squirrel breached attic fanWe say squirrel-resistant because, when properly installed, squirrels don’t run up to them and say, “Oh look, an easy way into the attic”.  These vents are made of aluminum so it makes them tough to get into.

A squirrel really has to have some fortitude to chew through the screens of these vents. The metal is usually thick enough to deter most squirrels.

Still, squirrels happen.

Every year we find cases where squirrels have had the will to get through this metal and into the attic.  This is why squirrel resistant is a better term for metal vents than squirrel proof.  Squirrels are excellent chewers and can’t be underestimated when it comes to chewing through wood, vinyl, aluminum, and plastic.

Two Ways to Squirrel Proof Vents: Cover or Eliminate

For  attic vents to be considered squirrel-proof we recommend one of two methods.

1) The first method is to make a cage of heavy gauge galvanized wire and attach it to the roof over the vent.  The reason this works is that the cage is made of wire too heavy for squirrels to chew through.

With much respect for the squirrels’ chewing abilities; this method stops squirrels.

The downside of this method is the look-some homeowners don’t find wire cages over the vents attractive.

2) The second method to “squirrel-proof” a vent is to get rid of the vent altogether.  Think about it: no vent = no squirrels getting through.

Really, what better prevention for squirrels getting into vents is there?

The caveat to this method is that ventilation to the attic must still exist.  Remember, we started the blog noting how important ventilation is to the health of a roof.  We are not suggesting you do away with your roof vents if there is no other type of vent.

But, if you’re like many people here in the Akron, Canton, Kent area there is a good chance

  • your home was built before ridge vents were widely used
  • and, your home has probably been re-roofed since the use of ridge vents has become widespread, meaning you may very well have a ridge vent too

This means that there are many homes in our area where louver/pod/can vents still exist even though there is a ridge vent present (installed the last time the roof was done).

If there is this dual venting (ridge and other vents), you can then pursue the squirrel-proof-by-vent-removal method as it will not mess up your ventilation.

That brings us to this video Ryan made at a recent red squirrel removal job.

Squirrels were getting in at one of the pod vents and all of them were susceptible to entry.  As Ryan explains in the video, he is able to remove the vents without negatively effecting ventilation because of the presence of the ridge vent.

Not only are the squirrels removed, but the chance of future squirrel entry at the vents is greatly reduced because of the vent elimination.


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