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No More Squirrels in the Attic or Walls!

Squirrels are very common here in the Akron/Canton/Kent area and except for the robbing of bird feeders, they are rarely viewed as a problem until they take up residence in our homes.

Clients will hear gray and black squirrels scurrying around their attics, ceilings, and walls in the morning and evenings: a situation which is very annoying.  Others with the lesser known flying squirrel will be kept up as the noises persist through the night.  Once inside, squirrels damage insulation with urine and feces and are known to chew wiring.

Or maybe your squirrel problem is with one of the other two squirrel species here in Northeast Ohio that can get into homes: the fox squirrel or the red squirrel.

Squirrels exploit defects in the structure like loose or missing of soffit.  Additionally, they chew right through fascia, siding, and all types of vents to get to a safe, cozy environment.  This happens when an easy opportunity presents itself or when all the preferable denning sites in a given neighborhood are taken due to a high population.Akron Canton Squirrel Removal

Faced with this situation, Frontline Animal Removal will find the squirrels’ entry points and begin the squirrel removal process.  In these cases, we believe the resident squirrels and those in the vicinity must be trapped and removed to prevent further problems.

Once removal is complete, then quality repair work needs to be done. Too often, repair/exclusion is done without removal and the squirrels work their way right back in to what they view as a safe habitat.

After the removal of the resident squirrels, we can make the necessary repairs to your home to stop future intrusions and make it look good.  We are very experienced in this type of home repair and will do it the right way.  Our repair/exclusion work comes with a warranty against future animal intrusion. Often times we make suggestions about tree trimming as well and can do simpler jobs that don’t require tree trimming experts.

So, if squirrels are calling your home theirs and are driving you crazy, contact Frontline Animal Removal today.

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We have successfully helped many homeowners in the Akron/Canton/Kent area with their squirrel removal and would like the opportunity to help you. We will remove the squirrels from your attic, walls, and other voids and make the needed repairs to prevent further problems.

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