Squirrel Repairs

By | October 4, 2017

Squirrel Repairs: Before and After

When it comes to nuisance squirrels that have turned your house into their house, the actual removal of the squirrels is only half of the battle.

This is because squirrels can do a lot of damage.  And even if squirrels are removed, the damage remains.  Fixing squirrel damage to restore your home and keep other squirrels out is the equally important second half of the equation.

Today, we again highlight the repair aspect of nuisance animal removal.  We do this by showing some before and after examples with video Ryan made at a recent squirrel removal job.

An Example of Squirrel Repairs

Please watch the following short video in which Ryan shows the before and after of two places squirrels were using to access a home’s attic.

After watching that, most people will agree that the damage done by the squirrels was an important step in the process.

In fact, the repair of animal damage is often arguably more important than the actual animal removal.  This is because a good repair or exclusion keeps future animals out.

In addition to keeping future squirrels out, the repair should be well done and look good too!

The repairs Ryan performed after squirrel trapping were solid AND they looked nice.

Removal and Repair

A solution to an animal repair is pretty simple in theory:

  1. Remove the unwanted animal
  2. Make a good repair

Often this takes two separate contractors if you’re not going to do the work on your own.  But, it doesn’t have to.

We here at Frontline Animal Removal and other quality animal removal companies are often able and willing to handle both parts of the job.

In fact, offering quality repair services is one of the ways we try to stand out from the crowd.  We think it makes a lot of sense to perform both aspects of the job and believe it is a real value to our clients.

That said, nuisance animal removers who offer repair work should be competent, competitively priced, and provide guarantees for the work performed.

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